should i convert to orthodox christianity

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  • How do I become an Orthodox Christian?

  • Becoming Orthodox. One should become an Orthodox Christian because, on the basis of Holy Scripture and the continuous history of two thousand years of Christianity, the Orthodox Church represents the fullest and most correct expression of the original Faith taught by our Lord Jesus Christ and inaugurated by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

  • How do I become an Orthodox priest?

  • In order to become a priest, you should enter college after you graduate from high school. You will need to obtain a Bachelor Degree in some field that interests you, although I would strongly suggest that you major in a subject that would be related in some way to your further studies for the priesthood, such as history, philosophy,…

  • What does Eastern Orthodox Christianity believe?

  • Eastern Orthodox believe that during the Eucharist adherents partake mystically of Christ’s body and blood and through it receive his life and strength. Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is one of the persons of the Trinity, who proceeds from the Father and is one in essence with the Father.

  • What is the origin of the Orthodox Church?

  • [play] Origin of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church began at Pentecost. It was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ, when after His Ascension, He sent down upon His Apostles the Holy Spirit who proceeds from God the Father as is written in the New Testament.