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The candle symbolizes thelight of Christwhich gives light in the darkness. The candle symbolizes the light and peace that every Christian must have. When the candle burns it enlightens and comforts mankind giving light in the darkness.

Is “Candle in the darkness” worth reading?

“Candle in the Darkness” is undoubtedly a great novel worth your time! I love historical romances, especially ones that center around the Civil War or one of the World Wars. At first, I really enjoyed this story but as it went one, I found myself disliking Caroline.

What is a candle in the darkness by Lynn Austin about?

A Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin is a well-developed, engaging story of a girl’s personal walk through the most dramatic and horrifically defining times in American history.

Was Ruth a candle in the darkness?

But Ruth, like a candle in the darkness, offers a beacon of hope. In the midst of the darkness, the light shines – the light of God’s love. In the turbulent period of the Judges, it wasn’t the physical heroism of Samson’s strength that carried forward God’s purposes. It was the moral heroism of Ruth’s love.

What is the message of candy in the darkness?

This was a wonderful book about deep faith, selflessness, forgiveness, courage, and strength during a time that was littered with hatred, injustice, bitterness, hostility, and prejudice. CANDLE IN THE DARKNESS is a novel that you won’t be able to put down until you’ve turned the last page.

Why does Caroline want to spy on the Yankees?

She determines to visit him, and as a result, she begins spying for the Yankees, reasoning that if her actions end the war sooner, then her fiancé will come home sooner and slavery will be abolished. Of course, she is dreadfully conflicted because she knows that her actions could get her beloved Charles killed. This is a gruesome conflict that would break a lesser woman.

Why does Caroline’s father want to return to Richmond?

As the threat of war between the states looms, Caroline’s father determines it’s in her best interest to return to Richmond, and she agrees, but for quite different reasons. Her hope is to spread the abolitionist gospel among her friends and neighbors.

Where is Caroline Fletcher from?

The daughter of a wealthy slave-holding family from Richmond, Virginia, Caroline Fletcher is raised in a culture that believes slavery is God-ordained and biblically acceptable.

What were the West Point classes?

Most of the West Point classes were from Virginia and were staunch Southerners. Northern men didn’t go in for military as much; they were farmers and Quakers and gentlemen and mill-owners. With very few men, very few materials, Lee’s and others’ generalship nearly had the North by the ears.

What were the positive aspects of the war?

One of the positive aspects of the war was the revival that started in the trenches. We don’t get to see any of the spiritual awakening the soldiers would have seen, especially near Jackson’s men. Lee’s request for slave soldiers is portrayed as a greedy wish for bodies to fill the trenches.

How easy is it to paint history?

It’s so easy to paint history over with a wide brush. I love how historical fiction can make me examine a broad concept in more detail — to think about it from the perspective of the characters. Things never quite as cut-and-dry when I do that, and I like thinking about it that way.

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