a list of christians struggles

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What Christians should know and ought to do?

What Every Christian Should KnowIdentify the Current IssueDiscover the Eternal Principles — Teaching point one: The message of Christ is communicated first and foremost in personal relation to Christ. …Apply Your FindingsAdditional Resources ARTICLES FROM CHRISTIANITY TODAYGetting to Know Him, by Philip Harrold,Christianity Today,September 2012

What problems do Christians face?

“Pride” is the major issue facing Christians, says Eric Lidji, responding to a question from blogger Jonathan Blundell. “It opens the door for everything else to come in. The same sin that got…

How should Christians live in faith?

Read your Bible daily. …Learn the secret of prayer. …Rely constantly on the Holy Spirit. …Attend church regularly. …Be a witnessing Christian. …Let love be the ruling principle of your life. …Be an obedient Christian. …Learn how to meet temptation. …Be a wholesome Christian. …Live above your circumstances. …

What is the goal for true Christians?

Your presentation on the goal of a christian is in my opinion truly biblical, being a christian in the right sense of the word is having already eternal life as a fact in a person’s life due to the promise of Christ in John 17:3 and Jesus will not lie, as a result, every christian is guaranteed of this entry into eternal life.

Why do Christians struggle with temptation?

But Christians struggle with this a lot because of the extra guilt that happens when we give in or simply the fact that we struggle with temptation at all.

What does the Holy Spirit interpret?

It is the Holy Spirit which interprets the word of God. You can read the same scriptures on different occasions and take something new from it every time. That is the beauty of the word of God. Also, the word of God is very clear on homosexuality and touches on the issue of femininsm.

What are the things Christians struggle with?

Top Ten Things Christians Struggle With. The Top Ten. 1 Constantly being told our beliefs are wrong. The truth behind any religion is that it is based on faith. Faith is not factual. There are scientific possibilities in existence that allow for both sides of the debate to argue that the other side is wrong but the truth is …

Is it hard to let go?

Letting go can be the hardest, yet most rewarding thing we can do.

Is the Bible outdated?

Yes, the Bible is very outdated on certain subjects, yet some still follow every single little sentence in that book. Just because it says it, it does not mean that you have to follow it blindly. 8 Career and other life choices. I don’t know God’s plan for me, so I don’t know if my plans are according to His.

Is the Bible correct?

The Bible is correct in almost every way. But it is mostly misinterpreted and taken literally word per word. We have a different understanding of things and there is no right or wrong way of doing things as long as what you are doing does not deviate or violate the teachings of Christ.

Is reincarnation a thing?

If you do good things in your life, you will be rewarded with a good next life, and vice-versa. You don’t have to believe in it, but just know that just because you believe in something doesn’t make it true, and that goes the same for me too. Just letting you know.

What are the struggles of the Christian life?

The Struggles of the Christian Life. Struggles are a significant part of the Christian life. If our view of God and life is too simple, then it can lead to frustration and fear. We are left to wonder, “If God is in control, then why am I facing this struggle?

What does it mean when God tests us in our struggles?

It shows us where we have not dealt with sin, forgotten God, or tried to face life in our strength. God tests us in struggles to show us our faith is real, and to show us where we need our faith strengthened. 2. The struggles of life correct and build up our faith.

What is the Christian life?

The Christian’s life is not lived in an abstract and theoretical world but the lives of real people; people with real fears, real problems, and real issues. God uses these in His children to correct our faults and build up our faith.

When we face doubts about our faith, our perseverance, and God’s faithfulness, it is these times?

When we face doubts about our faith, our perseverance, and God’s faithfulness —it is these times of trials that stand as evidence of the genuineness of our faith. Many will claim to have faith, but when they face some struggle, they turn from God, showing that their faith was not genuine.

What are the struggles of a Christian?

The Struggles Of A Christian. Life is a struggle, and as Christians we struggle with the same life experiences that non-Christians do. Being born again does not exempt us from unemployment any more than it does bacterial infections. And in addition to all the struggles common to humanity, a committed Christian has the additional struggles …

Why does God allow us to have struggles?

There are five reasons God allows us to have these struggles: God allows struggles so that we may be able to help others. If, by God’s grace, we overcome a struggle, God may also graciously allow us to be used by Him to help others overcome their struggles. But we may have to be as unguarded as Paul. There is a risk.

What is the spiritual force in Ephesians 6?

Spiritual forces are behind much of our struggles (Eph. 6:12). Although the weapons of a Christian are listed in subsequent verses of Ephesians 6, the one least identified as a means of overcoming sin is listed even before the armor.

Why is life so hard for people who are not Christians?

There are at least four reasons why life is more difficult for those who are not Christians: Life is harder not being a Christian because Christians have hope a sure hope that this life is not all there is; that the Lord will return; that the dead in Christ will rise, meet Him in the air and be with Him forever.

What does Paul say about sin?

In Romans 7:14-25 Paul deals with the topic of “struggling with sin.” He sees himself as a slave to sin who does the very thing he hates. His sinful nature stops him from doing what is right. It is a real struggle and sin seems to win by controlling all he does. This makes him feel miserable, wanting to be freed from a life dominated by sin. He recognizes that only Jesus Christ can rescue him from such a life.

What does Jesus say about the world?

Always remember that Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (Jn. 16:33).

Can we blame God for our struggles?

We should not blame God for our struggles. Christians may also struggle mentally with such things as depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, gambling habits, or homosexuality. Our minds are part of God’s creation, and like the rest of creation, even our minds are suffering from the fall.

1. Not having all the answers

As Christians, we sometimes struggle with the aspects of God, faith, and Christianity that we don’t understand. To be fair, no one understands the complete, true nature of God, but everybody tries to. When people ask us questions about life, circumstances, or theology that we don’t know the answers to, it can shake our faith to a certain degree.

3. Trying not to be a hypocrite

A lot of times we know what is right and what we should do, but we don’t always do it. Knowing what to do and doing it are very different. Other times people ask us for advice in situations where we know the right thing to tell them, but we don’t necessarily do that in our own lives.

4. The family member who opposes everything Christian

This isn’t the non-Christian, this is the anti-Christian. It seems like everyone has that one family member who completely despises anything and everything religious. Because of that, often times that relationship is fractured because we always feel like we are being attacked and talked down to in every interaction.

5. Questioning our faith

I’m almost certain that everyone questions why they believe what they believe at some point. A lot of times this can be frustrating because every Christian wants to have an unwavering faith, but we can struggle to get it. This can really challenge our identity because the issue we are struggling with is the very thing that defines who we are.

6. How to effectively share our faith without being over-the-top

Notice I said “effectively. ”? One of the key elements of Christianity is being open and willing to share our faith with others, but the practical way of doing that is a struggle.

7. Making adequate time to spend with God

We give lip-service that God is the most important thing and we love Him more than anything, but sometimes our agendas don’t reflect it. It’s a struggle to make time in our busy lives for the most important thing and when we don’t make that time, it affects our daily life. The result is always, burnout.

8. How people are perceiving me

When people know you are a Christian, you no longer just represent yourself, but you represent the name of Christianity. A lot of times devout Christians struggle with the fact that they are being perceived as less than perfect, so we fall into the journey of trying to be perfect”¦and failing every time.

What is the mystery of iniquity?

It afflicts Governments, Heads of State, our legal systems, our Courts, our Education systems, our families, our marriages, our employment, our Churches, and every relationship. It, like air, is everywhere, and is ruled by the Prince of the Power of the Air – Satan.

How did Jesus win the victory?

Man had sinned yet Jesus restored those of faith to righteousness. He won a complete victory over sin, over our fleshly nature, over the World, and over the Devil; He did it all by His death, His burial, and His resurrection.

What is the purpose of salvation?

Our victory over wickedness proves God’s wisdom in choosing to redeem a people through Christ Jesus. The purpose of salvation is to give us victory over sin, over death, over the Devil, and over his arguments. Jesus, by the Cross, purchased this victory for us. Jesus, by His resurrection, is shown to be more powerful than death, sin, and Satan.

What is spiritual alliance?

Our spiritual forms an alliance with human nature. There is open fellowship between them. Not a conscious fellowship but a relationship found in agreement of purpose. Darkness hates Christ, and the human nature wants it own way, so they are in an emotional and spiritual agreement; Darkness sets the agenda and our fleshly mind obeys, to oppose the work of Christ. The partnership of Spiritual Darkness with our human nature is formidable for it changes the arena of battle from without to within.

What is the goal of the flesh and the devil?

One goal of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil is the elevation of the Human Being. In practice this means spiritual opposition to every person who proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord. Consequently, every single follower of Christ will experience the difficulties (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) associated with following Jesus Christ.

What is the purpose of spiritual opposition?

The purpose of spiritual opposition is to ruin the faith of every Christian through worry, fear, discouragement, sin, intimidation, anger, hatred, depression, etc. and cause them to abandon the promises of Christ.

Why do we have problems in the world?

One major reason is that people naturally oppose God and oppose what He says. They simply want their own way. Because of this natural selfishness the world is filled with wars, murders, robbery, immorality, injustice, greed, lying, cheating, etc.. All people everywhere want their own way and that selfish human spirit partners with the demonic together become the source of much of our suffering.

How many chapters does Wayne Grudem have?

Best-selling author Wayne Grudem explains in 42 thorough chapters what the Bible says about ethical questions regarding marriage, government, abortion, and dozens of other issues in this highly practical, biblically based volume on Christian ethics.

Why is the 9th commandment considered out of the normal sequence?

The ninth commandment (against bearing false witness) is considered here out of the normal sequence because the topic is closely connected to purity of speech, and because the issues involved in considering lying and truth telling are relevant for many other topics that follow.

What is the first commandment of God?

When societies ignore this first commandment, much evil follows. Modern Christians need to be especially cautious of things that we can be tempted to love and serve and trust more than God, such as money, material things, food and physical pleasure, the approval of other people, power, or self.

What is the Purity of Speech?

Purity of Speech. The third commandment prohibi ts foolish or worthless use of God’s name, as well as any false or irreverent speech about God. In a broader sense this commandment warns us against not only (1) taking God’s name in vain, but also against (2) cursing others who are made in the image of God.

Why is it wise to have a government?

It is wise for governments to establish a strong and clear separation of powers, and even rulers must be subject to the rule of law. Governments should be chosen by the consent of the people. Nations should value patriotism. Christians should seek to influence governments for good.

What does it mean to honor your father?

The command to honor one’s father and mother means to treat them with respect, deference, and care, and also means that children should obey their parents, except when commanded to sin. Adult children are no longer required to obey their parents, but must still honor them and care for them as necessary and as they are able. The New Testament promises children God’s blessing on their lives in response to their obedience to their parents ( Eph. 6:1–3 ).

How can poverty be solved?

Poverty can only be solved by increased prosperity in nations, not by attempting to compel equality. The influence of the Bible’s moral teachings has historically brought increasing material prosperity to nations.

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