a movie where the mexican government is persecuting christians

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Who was the leader of the Cristeros in Mexico?

This is a one sided docudrama about the Cristeros War in Mexico (1926-1929), a war between Catholics against the atheist Government of Mexico. Andy Garcia stars as the leader of the revolt Enrique Gorostieta. The big problem with this is his acting style.

Why doesn’t Mexico speak of Gorostieta’s war with the Vatican anymore?

According to a letter Garcia reportedly received from the general’s granddaughter thanking him for honoring Gorostieta’s part in the insurgence Calles downplayed so much that it’s still not spoken about in Mexico today, purportedly due to fear of opening old wounds. Formal relations with the Vatican were not re-established until 1992.

What are some movies about criminals who are haunted by Jesus?

Barabbas, the criminal that the Jewish leaders induced the populace to vote to set free, so that Christ could be crucified, is haunted by the image of Jesus for the rest of his life. Director: Richard Fleischer|Stars: Anthony Quinn, Silvana Mangano, Arthur Kennedy, Katy Jurado Votes:6,174|Gross:$6.32M 24. The Curse(1987)

Why do Iranian Christians face persecution in their own country?

Pastors of house churches are often charged with apostasy and national security-related crimes. Iranian Christians face intense persecution in their own country because converting from Islam is illegal.

What did President Calles say about the Mexican government?

President Calles himself confirmed the worst fears and accusations of Mexican parents, teachers, and pastors: that his revolutionary, socialist government aimed at collectivization and brainwashing of the children, purging them of the “taint” of religion, tradition, parents, and family. In his address to the people of Guadalajara on July 20, 1934, Calles declared:

What was the first country to recognize the Soviet Union?

Under Calles, Mexico became the first country in the world to recognize the new Soviet Union, and the Soviet embassy that was established in Mexico City grew to be one of Moscow’s largest in the world and a key center for NKVD/KGB subversion, espionage, and terrorism throughout the Americas. However, even before Calles came to power in 1924, the new Communist regime in Moscow had begun exercising its influence in Mexico. Soviet dictator Lenin sent top Comintern (Communist International) agent Mikhail Borodin to Mexico in 1919 to coordinate a growing Communist-Socialist movement that was heavily larded with foreign elements, mostly American and European intellectuals. Among the agents Borodin recruited there was Manabendra Nath Roy (more commonly known as M. N. Roy) of India, who had studied at Stanford University before coming to Mexico , where he was a founder and first secretary-general of Socialist Party of Mexico . Under Borodin’s tutelage, Roy became a Comintern delegate and a founder of the Communist Parties of Mexico and India.

What is the movie "Viva Cristo Rey" about?

“¡Viva Cristo Rey!” (“Long Live Christ the King.”) That was the rallying cry for millions of Mexicans during the second and third decades of the 20th century, as revolutionary governments, modeled after the Bolshevik regime in Russia, unleashed round after round of persecution and terror throughout Mexico. For Greater Glory, the newly released epic film starring Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria, provides a stirring introduction to the “Cristero War,” or “Cristiada” (1926-1929), a heroic chapter of Mexico’s history that, until now, has been almost virtually unknown in the United States (as well as in Mexico, where the government has suppressed true reports of the persecutions and all favorable mention of the Cristeros, who finally rose up to fight for religious liberty).

Has the Revolution ended?

The Revolution has not ended… It is necessary that we enter a new period, the psychological period, of the Revolution. We must now enter and take possession of the consciences of the children, of the consciences of the young, because they do belong and should belong to the Revolution…. I refer to education, I refer to the school… because the children and youth belong to the community; they belong to the collectivity, and it is the Revolution that has the inescapable duty to take possession of consciences, to drive out prejudices and to form a new soul of the nation.

Is Mexico a Catholic country?

Although Mexico is overwhelmingly Catholic (and was even more so at the beginning of the 20th century), the Mexican Constitution of 1917 reflected the Marxist and anti-clerical zeitgeist of the Bolshevik Revolution of that same year. In addition to confiscating all property (churches, schools, universities, hospitals, monasteries, convents, rectories, etc.) of the Catholic Church, the new Constitution placed draconian restrictions on Catholic worship and Catholic clergy, forbidding priests, bishops, and nuns even to wear their religious garb in public, on pain of fine and imprisonment.

What is another form of persecution?

Another form of persecution, ethnic antagonism, targets believers who converted from indigenous beliefs to Protestant Christianity.

What is the connection between the Christian faith and the call to care for the poor?

For most of us, there’s an obvious connection between the Christian faith and the call to care for the poor. Concern for the poor, orphaned, and widowed is a central theme in Christian teachings, with the words “poor” and “poverty” appearing 446 times in the Bible. But while a Christian leader might be applauded for their charitable work in some countries, that same faith-based drive to transform poor communities in Mexico is exactly what puts many Christians on the drug cartels’ radar.

How many priests were killed in 2016?

In September of 2016, for example, three priests were kidnapped and killed within a week, bringing the total of priests murdered within the four year period to 15. In many instances, these priests were targeted for denouncing criminal activity or refusing to perform services for drug cartels.

Does Mexico have freedom of religion?

Technically speaking, Mexico’s Constitution offers freedom of religion at least on paper , but Christians on the ground report federal authorities are unable or unwilling to uphold these promised protections. This is why abuses continued in the following years. In 2015, for example, International Christian Concern …

How many Christians are there in Mexico?

There are 129.6 million Christians in Mexico – they make up the majority of the total population, which is 135 million.

Who is most vulnerable to persecution?

Criminal networks that have spread throughout Mexico act as drivers of persecution wherever the church is perceived as a threat to their interests. Mexico’s southern states are the main areas for clan oppression, violating the rights of Christians inside indigenous communities. Church buildings have been vandalized by those who have a radical commitment to secularism and are opposed to any Christian values.

What has changed compared to last year?

Mexican criminals were able to take advantage of the socio-political instability surrounding the COVID-19 crisis to reinforce and increase their territorial dominance, generating greater vulnerability (and increased violence) for Christians. The COVID-19 context also encouraged the indigenous community authorities to act more harshly against those Christians refusing to adhere to traditional customs. It’s becoming more difficult for Christians to find a chance to express their viewpoints in the public square.

How can you pray for Mexico?

Pray for believers who face difficult choices when confronted with organized violence in their communities. Ask God to give them wisdom and courage to confront it in a Christ-honoring way.


Colombia remained 30 th on the list, the same position in which it ranked in 2021. Persecution of Christians in this country is mainly linked to guerrilla groups, criminal gangs and the beliefs of some indigenous groups.


Ruled by the Communist Party since 1959, Cuba has historically limited religious freedom in the country due to an ideology based on socialism and atheism.


Mexico is part of the WWL for two reasons. For decades criminal groups have been fighting for territorial control in the country, and the instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic only worsened the situation.

The Main Objective: Informed Prayer

Open Doors, an organization founded by Andrew van der Bijl—better known as Brother Andrew —operates in more than 60 countries supporting Christians persecuted for their faith.

Why are Iranian Christians being detained?

Iranian Christians face intense persecution in their own country because converting from Islam is illegal. There was a report that nine Iranian Christians were sentenced to five years in prison each for “acting against national security”, a charge the state of which they often use to prosecute Christians for their house church activities. 29 Christians were detained in 2018. Many more detentions remain undocumented. The country has also reportedly shut down houses of worship and targeted churches that worship in Persian and could attract Muslim-born Iranians.

Why are children detained?

Individuals, including children, are regularly arrested and detained for their religious beliefs and practices and not afforded due process under the law. Arrest of evangelicals and Pentecostals for participating in prayer meetings and religious ceremonies still continue. Detained Christians for at least four years were and were forced to sign promises that they would no longer have any connection with their churches, even attend a church meeting. Many evangelicals and Pentecostals have been detained for more than 13 years.

Why did the Chinese government persecute all faiths?

The Chinese government persecute all faiths in an effort to “sinicize” religious belief in attempt to diminish and erase the independent practice of religion. According to religious-freedom advocates, more than 5,000 Christians and 1,000 church leaders were arrested in 2018 because of their faith or religious practices of which most of these arrests, though, resulted in short-term detentions and did not lead to criminal charges. Thousands of churches or religious sites have been closed down or demolished.

What are some examples of religious persecution?

Confiscation or destruction of property, incitement of hatred, arrests, imprisonment, beatings, torture, murder, and executions are examples of religious persecutions. Religious persecution has been happening even decades ago. In the recent years, there have been many governments taking action about religious persecution …

Do Christians still suffer persecution in Iraq?

Despite the political defeat of ISIS in Iraq, Christians still suffer persecution and the lingering effects of their culture and population being systematically destroyed by the Islamic extremists. The Assyrian Church of the East, the Syrian Orthodox Church, the Syrian Catholic Church, the Chaldean Catholic Church, and the Armenian Orthodox Church remain seriously affected by persecution in Iraq, most especially from Islamic extremist and government authorities. In central Iraq, Christians often do not publicly display Christian symbols, such as a cross, as this can lead to harassment or discrimination. This also happens in southern Iraq.

Why are there three pastors detained in India?

In 2019, for the International Day of Prayer, there was a special prayer focus on India for there have been reports that there were three American pastors were detained by Indian customs agents after they told officials that they were Christians. The government continues to restrict the involvement of Christian NGOs and charities, strengthening anti-conversion laws, and local believers have continued to endure attacks from Hindu extremists. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom reports that mobs go after non-Hindus based on false accusations of conversion or cow slaughtering, and local governments often fail to prosecute the attackers.

Do Shia Muslims live in Saudi Arabia?

It is not just Christians who suffer, Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia continue to face discrimination in education, employment, and the judiciary, and lack access to senior government and military positions. The building of Shia mosques is restricted outside majority‐Shia Muslim areas in the Eastern Province, and Saudi authorities often prohibit use of the Shia Muslim call to prayer in these areas. Authorities arrest and imprison Shia Muslims for holding religious gatherings in private homes without permits and reading religious materials in husseiniyas (prayer halls).

What is the name of the outpost that was persecuted by Christians in America?

Persecution of Christians in America? – Joshua’s Outpost

Why are Christians forfeiting their biblical mandate?

American Christians, little by little, are forfeiting their biblical mandate to exert a godly influence over their nation in exchange for government mandates that have a lot more to do with controlling offensive behaviors than preserving liberty.

What is pivotal believer?

A pivotal believer is not one with a hero complex. They are reliant on the Lord and their training. Prayerful, intentional and focused. It is a ministry not based on personality or ability but reliance on the Holy Spirit.

What is the Constitutional Republic?

In America, we have the Constitutional Republic with a Constitution designed to protect us from Democracy in its purest form, which is Socialism . . . majority (mob) rule. The whole idea is to preserve the liberties of those who find themselves part of a minority.

What does it mean when a government endorses freedom?

They only endorse freedom as long as it’s the freedom to say and do things they agree with. Consequently, upon acquiring political power, each side passes measures and implements controls that grant the government new levels of authority typically never reclaimed by the citizens.

Do Christians face persecution?

That brings me to the second observation. Indeed, Christians in America are facing persecution by the most straightforward and least severe definition of the term. But just because it’s not the most injurious form of hostility faced by Christians worldwide does not mean that we should ignore it or turn a blind eye.

Where is Josh from the Bible Institute?

Josh attended seminary through Rock of Ages Baptist Bible Institute out of Cleveland, TN. He has held about every position one could hold in a local church: Sunday school teacher, Children’s Church Preacher, Bus Ministry Director/Worker, Missions Director, Choir Director, Song Leader, Janitor, etc. In October of 2005, he was ordained as an Assistant Pastor at Rest Haven Baptist Church, and that’s where he served until God called him into the Pastorate at Enon Baptist Church in Alto, GA at the age of 32. He stepped out by faith in obedience to God’s instructions and quickly received a call from Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Free Home, GA where he now serves as Pastor. In his free time, Josh enjoys spending quality time with his wife (who is his high school sweetheart) and three children: Zoey, Ava, and Jack, as well as reading, writing, hunting, cooking, weight lifting, and martial arts.