a prayer for a revival for christians

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The following are prayer points on revival with bible verses you can use to pray to induce and receive a fresh supply of the Spirit for true and lasting revival:1. Pray and say; ‘Father,I thank you for the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus,now,I ask that you give me new strength by the Holy Spirit today,in Jesus name. …2. Oh Lord,revive me again so that I may find joy in you and in other areas of my life in Jesus name. …More items

What does the Bible say about pray for revival?

We too can pray for such reviving life back to the dry bones of our world. 10 Bible verses for Revival Ezekiel 36:26, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from…

How to pray for revival in your church?

The following are prayer points for revival of the church you can use to pray right away:1. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to visit the church again with fire and power as He did in the early Church,in Jesus name. …2. Pray and ask the Lord to send purifying fire on the church to burn up every dirt,filthiness and sins that are holding the church down from experiencing God’s …3. …4. …5. …7. …8. …9. …10. …11. …More items…

How to have a personal spiritual revival?

TozerGet thoroughly dissatisfied with yourself. Complacency is the deadly enemy of spiritual progress. …Set your face like a flint toward a sweeping transformation of your life. Timid experiments are tagged for failure before they start. …Put yourself in the way of blessing. …Do a thorough job of repenting. …Make restitution wherever possible. …More items…

How to pray for healing?

Prayer for healing from sickness. By your faithfulness in suffering, Lord Jesus Christ, You’ve given us a perfect example of obeying Your Father’s will. My Lord and my God, help me in times of weakness and pain. I ask that You sustain me by Your grace so that my strength and courage do not fail.

What Does the Bible Say about Revival?

The Bible is full of stories of people who had turned their faces from God, yet God’s heart of mercy and grace wanting them to come back to be blessed. Jonah was sent to Nineveh to share this truth with the people to save them from the consequences of their sins, and revival came to their people. It is through the merciful heart of God that revival comes. This revival is not the kind that stands just in name, but in true life breathed back into people. Ezekiel 37 speaks of the dry bones and the command from God to Ezekiel to speak reviving life back into the dry bones of the people. We too can pray for such reviving life back to the dry bones of our world.

What does Ezekiel 37 mean?

Ezekiel 37 speaks of the dry bones and the command from God to Ezekiel to speak reviving life back into the dry bones of the people. We too can pray for such reviving life back to the dry bones of our world.

What can we do to pray for the Holy Spirit?

What we can do is pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of men to be open and to truly see the glory of God, and to desire to know more. Ezekiel 36:26 shares, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”.

What does the Lord say about our friends?

Lord, we desire for our friends, families, and neighbors to be open and to seek and find the truth of the authentic source of life- You. We invite Your Holy Spirit to pour out onto the people You have made. We invite You to perform miracles, wonders, and to speak to the people You crafted with Your hands.

What is the power of prayer for revival?

A Powerful Prayer for Revival. Throughout the ages , there have been seasons of drought spiritually in the world. During such seasons there rises a true aching and longing for the only true living water that will quench the thirst of nations. This living water comes only through and by the living Holy Spirit of God poured out lovingly by grace.

Why do people seek not to find?

What they seek they do not find, because they are not finding it in the true source of life itself-You. Father, today we come together as true and sincere followers of You to kindly and ardently ask for a revival of souls in this age. Father, You say in Matthew 7 to come and ask You as our Father for what we desire.

Where is Cally Logan?

Cally Logan is a writer and teacher from Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from Regent University. Currently, she is a writer for Dear Sparrows Ministry site, and the Podcast, "Dear Sparrows.". In her free time, she enjoys leading a high school girls’ small group, cooking, and spending time in tree houses.

The Need for Revival

Taking God’s name in vain goes beyond using it as a cuss word and as a nation, we’re guilty on all accounts.

Praying for Revival

Father, your name is holy and righteous. Jesus taught to pray, “hallowed be thy name.” But we take your name so lightly. Forgive us. Convict us and help us come to realize just how hallowed your name is. Almighty God, may we praise and glorify your name, respect and fear your name, and have a reverential awe for holy name.

Lord, send a revival and let it begin in me

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How many revivals are there in the Old Testament?

Perhaps the clearest view of revival can be seen by looking back at Israel in the Old Testament. Historians tell us that there are seven major revivals in the Old Testament.

Why does God call people to prayer?

God always calls His people to prayer in anticipation of revival. I would ask you today to get serious about praying for revival. We need to shift our prayer focus to the issues that are close to God’s heart, especially that His people, His Church, would wake up and discover the presence of Jesus in our midst.

What are Christians doing in the name of Jesus?

Christians are doing wonderful things in the name of Jesus, acts of love, mercy and self-sacrifice. It is amazing what is happening today, and has been happening for years. We are doing all we know to do. But it isn’t working.

What were the characteristics of the Great Revivals?

One of the characteristics of the great revivals was extended times of worship. They never wanted to end the service. Now obviously people had to leave, they had to take care of physical things, they had jobs that they had to go to, but as soon as they were done they were back, because that was where God was.

How do you pray for revival?

How do you pray for revival? Psalm 85 is a good place to begin: “You showed favor to Your land, O Lord. You restored the fortunes of Jacob. You forgave the iniquity of Your people and covered all their sins. You set a side all Your wrath and turned from Your fierce anger. Restore us again, O Lord our Savior, and put away Your displeasure toward us. Will You be angry with us forever? Will You prolong Your anger through all generations? Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?”

How many times has the United States experienced revival?

Within the United States we have experienced three times of national revival, known as the Great Awakenings. During these times, God moved and changed the course of our nation. Many of us believe that God is getting ready to do it again in our day, in our age.

Is revival mystical?

I want to suggest to you that revival is not strange or mystical. It is simply the Church waking up to the presence of Christ in her midst. It is almost as though God reaches out and slaps us and we wake up and we realize God is there. That is what revival is. It is God shaking us.

How to pray for healing?

You know where we still need to be set free. We pray for your healing and power to cover every broken place, and to renew our hearts in you again. Help us to live aware, to choose wisely, to stay close to you, and anchored in your truth. Thank you for your great love and mercy.

What to say to someone who drifted away from you?

Forgive us for drifting away from you, for being taken in by all the world has to offer, and for allowing other things to become more important in our lives. We bring you these places we’re hurting, the broken pieces that maybe others can’t see, but you alone are able to fully understand. You know the pain we’ve carried, all the burdens and cares. You know where we still need to be set free. We pray for your healing and power to cover every broken place, and to renew our hearts in you again.

What does the Bible say about praying?

As we read these powerful reminders from the Bible, we can pray God’s words back to Him, over our lives, our families, and world. He hears our prayers ; He knows our needs. There’s great power in uniting together, turning our hearts towards God, confessing our needs, and praying on behalf of all those around us.

What is bold prayer?

A Bold Prayer for Revival and Awakening. There’s great power in uniting together, turning our hearts towards God, confessing our needs, and praying for God to move powerfully in those around us. It’s often during times of greatest darkness or difficulty that God’s Spirit moves powerfully among His people. Stirring our hearts.

How to pray for the Lord?

By your great power Lord, open blind eyes and release those still imprisoned. We pray that you would unify your people for your great glory, and that all believers would stand together in your power and peace.

How to pray for the awakening of Jesus?

We ask for an awakening of your presence in our own lives and in the world around us, as never seen before. We pray for your help to be faithful to proclaim your name, and that all the enemy’s plans to silence the name of Jesus would be crushed.

How to say "Thank you for your love and mercy"?

Thank you for your great love and mercy. Thank you that you patiently wait for us to return, that you call us to yourself, and strengthen us in our weakness. Wake us up Lord! Remind us to live aware, to redeem the time, to listen to your words, to be willing to make a difference in the places you’ve called us to be.

Why did Habakkuk pray in wrath remember mercy?

God had been punishing the Chaldeans and chastening His own people, but Habakkuk prayed He would reveal His mercy to show the other side of His nature –- He (God) hates and punishes sin but He loves the sinner.

Why did Habakkuk pray?

Habakkuk prayed because revival was desperately needed. God’s people had become forgetful, formal and careless in their devotion and obedience to God. They had almost lost their testimony, God’s holy name was not honored, and His kingdom was not being extended. How relevant this study is for our own times!

What is the definition of evangelism?

Evangelism includes organization, publicity, team work, perhaps media appearances, and much human effort –- all of which is good; but when revival comes it is quite apart from these human endeavours. It always begins in the Church and in the hearts and lives of God’s own people. 5.

What does the Holy Spirit do to the hearts of the church?

May our hearts be washed by the water of the Word and may the purifying light of the Holy Spirit cleanse the thoughts, wash the hearts and purify the minds of those who are part of the church, which is Your Body.

How to bring back the joy of salvation?

Look down in pity on your needy Church, and renew in us the joy of our salvation. Bring us to foot of the cross and restore the joy of our salvation and the truth of the glorious gospel of grace, back into the hearts of all who have lost their way in their spiritual walk. Thank You, that when we wander away from You, You remain our ever-present help in time of trouble. When we prove faithless, you continue to prove to be faithful and true. Draw your body back to yourself and give each one of us a spiritual hunger for you, so that as a body we may glorify you. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

What is the greatest need for spiritual revival?

The greatest need is for spiritual revival, for a fresh infusion of divine life into the Church, for an awakening in the lives of God’s people and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It was for this that Habakkuk prayed. Let us examine his prayer:-. 1. The word ‘O’ expresses a deeply-felt longing for Revival.

What does "birth in each of our hearts" mean?

Birth in each of our hearts a desire to be used by you to bring about a little revival and spiritual awakening in the tiny corner of the world where You have placed us. And build up in each of our hearts a unity in the Spirit of Christ, so that we may be identified as having known Jesus, in whose name I pray, Amen. 4.

Prayer For Heart Revival

Heavenly Father, pour out Your Holy Spirit like a mighty flood into the hearts of all Your people, those who are called by Your name.

My Prayer For Spiritual Revival

Heavenly Father, my life is weak and seems to be failing and falling apart and in my heart I know that this is due to a long-term neglect of You and Your ways.

Prayer For Spiritual Awakening

Lord, I have seen that so much of Christendom has strayed from the paths of righteousness, that at times I almost feel that there is no one else left that is truly seeking Your face and lifting up the name of the Lord Jesus.

Prayer For Spiritual Leaders

Pour out Your Spirit we pray, on Christian leaders and those that are guiding or teaching a little flock of believers.

Prayer For Spiritual Vision

Father, we thank You that by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ we can boldly enter into the holy of holies and stand before Your throne of grace to seek Your face and to offer up our prayers, petitions and supplication to You, for which we praise and glorify Your holy name.
Lord, many of Your children have lost their way and are seeking to satisfy their thirst with water from broken cisterns rather then drinking deeply of the water of life that comes from You alone, and as a result much of the body of Christ is weak, impotent, disinterested in the Word of God and has become disorientated to the truths that it contains.

What does the Bible say about revival?

1. The divine promises in the Bible prove it. Look up 2 Chronicles 7:14; Jeremiah 29:12-13; 33:3; Zechariah 12:10; Malachi 3:10; 1 John 5:14-15. These references show that God is willing to send revival and will do so in answer to the prayers of His people. 2.

Is revival the work of God?

In a very real sense revival is always the sovereign work of God and He either gives it or He does not give it; but it is also true that wherever God?’s people are prepared to really pray, then revival will be the result. Prayer is not the only condition, as 2 Chronicles 7:14 makes clear.

Who said "A revival is no more a miracle than a crop of wheat"?

Charles Finney said, ‘?A revival is no more a miracle than a crop of wheat. In any community a revival can be secured from heaven when heroic souls enter the conflict determined to win or die, or if needs be to win and die??…’ (Matthew 11:12).