a prayer for christians in russia

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Pray that God will lead Russians to repentance and salvation. Pray that Russia will rescind laws punishing evangelical Christians. Pray for protection of missionaries in Russia who may be stranded there. Pray for God to pour out His Spirit in Russia and bring revival to the land.

Why should Christians pray for Russia?

We need to pray for Russia. Christians there are suffering, and God wants to save lost souls there. He’s not willing that any should perish, despite living in a country that is growing increasingly hostile to Christianity. According to Open Doors:

How can I pray for peace?

Here’s how you can pray with your family in these places: Pray for peace. Pray for violence and tension to end, and that leaders on all sides would pursue diplomacy and peace in a way that allows people of all faiths to live in freedom and peace.

Is Christianity a “Russian religion”?

Despite high levels of Russian language proficiency among ethnic minorities, they have little familiarity with religious vocabulary and concepts in Russian. They have historically perceived Christianity as a “Russian religion” that is foreign to them.