a swedish death metal band studied christianity

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Is there a Swedish death metal scene?

The now legendary Swedish scene is one part. Bands like Nihilist (pre-Entombed) and Merciless were first. Most of the Swedish death metal bands had a bit of a different sound in mind. American bands often looked to thrash metal for riff inspiration.

What are the most non-Swedish death metal bands?

Insision is one of the most non-Swedish sounding Swedish death metal bands. They play a technical death metal style influenced by Suffocation and Cryptopsy, but the Swedish catchiness is certainly in there somewhere.

Is desultory a good death metal band?

Desultory found a fairly unique place in the early Swedish death metal scene with their sorrowful melodic sound. “Bitterness” and “Into Eternity” are early classics, and comeback album “Counting Our Scars” is of equally high quality.

What makes metal bands from Sweden unique?

Metal bands from Sweden have made their Nordic roots part of a music style that combines Viking romanticism and pagan mystery with raw energy, dark lyrics, and theatrical performances. This is a compelling combination.

What about melodic death metal?

I’m not going to include the Gothenburg melodic death metal crowd in this, hence the exclusion of In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, At the Gates and a few others. There is a melodic death metal page on here for that.

What kind of music does Desolator play?

My main band Desolator plays a mix between American and Swedish death metal. Check out a song from our EP “Spawn of Misanthropy below”.

When did Dismember come out with "Like an Everflowing Stream"?

Dismember’s masterful “Like an Everflowing Stream” followed in 1991. Suddenly, the Swedish scene boomed and everyone was playing death metal. If you want to read about Swedish death metal evolution, influences and also get a shitload of awesome anecdotes, check out the Swedish Death Metal book by Daniel Ekeroth.

What is Merciless’ style?

Merciless was one of the earliest Swedish death metal bands, pushing a Kreator-influenced death/thrash style to the max. Their early material is classic, and the self-titled comeback album is almost as good as well.

What style of music does Gorement play?

Gorement played a doomy, semi-melodic style with an apocalyptic edge.

What is the Swedish death metal sound?

The Swedish sound came from thrash too, but the strong crust and D-beat punk scene left a strong mark on the Swedish sound.

When did death metal start?

The death metal genre started in the U.S. when bands like Death and Possessed took the sound of thrash metal to new levels of violence. Death metal grew in the late 80’s and bands were popping up all over the world. The now legendary Swedish scene is one part. Bands like Nihilist (pre-Entombed) and Merciless were first.

What is the name of the band that was originally called Scum?

Metal Blade Records. Originally called Scum, Amon Amarth eventually changed its name to what the elves in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books call Mount Doom. Amon Amarth could be considered the most Viking of the Viking Metal bands due to their lyrics and videos, but the band prefers to just be called metal.

What was the first black metal band?

Arguably one of the first true black metal bands, Bathory had a major influence on the sudden rise of the genre during the early 1990s. Bathory would eventually evolve into an epic Viking Metal (the subgenre with a lyrical focus on themes from Norse mythology) solo project that oozed a darkened atmosphere.

What is Katatonia’s sound?

Katatonia is another band whose sound has evolved over the years. They started in the early 1990s as more of a death/doom band. These days their music is much more complex and dynamic, but still heavy. Jonas Renkse’s vocals have also evolved from being harsh to melodic.

What is the best band in Sweden?

Roadrunner Records. Formed in 1989, Opeth not only is arguably the best band in Sweden, they also rank as one of the best bands in the metal genre, period. They are extremely musically diverse, mixing death metal with many other styles, and even using acoustic instruments in some songs.

When did At the Gates disband?

Century Media Records. At the Gates also stood at the forefront of melodic death metal in the early ’90s. Before disbanding in 1996, they recorded several influential and respected albums. Some of their members went on to form The Haunted.

When did Dark Tranquility start?

Dark Tranquility, formed at the end of the 1980s, were pioneers in the melodic death metal movement. Unlike some groups whose time in the sun has come and gone, Dark Tranquility continues to progress and release great albums.

Who was the frontman of Dissection?

Dissection was a band whose musical accomplishments were overshadowed by their actions. They released two very influential death/black metal albums in the mid-1990s, but then frontman Jon Nödtveidt was jailed for murder in 1997. Although Dissection resumed after his release, "Reinkaos" (2006) got mixed reviews. Nödtveidt committed suicide in 2006, and Dissection disbanded.

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What was the first Christian death metal band?

In 1990, the Australian group Mortification became the first widely recognized Christian death metal band. Their 1992 album Scrolls of the Megilloth garnered the band some attention from the heavy metal underground, according to Allmusic.

What is Christian metal?

Christian metal, also known as white metal, Jesus metal or heavenly metal, is a form of heavy metal music usually defined by its message using song lyrics as well as the dedication of the band members to Christianity. Christian metal is typically performed by professed Christians principally for Christians who listen to heavy metal music and often produced and distributed through various Christian networks.

What is the meaning of "back up"?

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

Is heavy metal a Christian band?

Christian metal bands exist in most of the subgenres of heavy metal music, and the only common link among most Christian metal bands are the lyrics. The Christian themes are often melded with the subjects of the genre the band is rooted in, regularly providing a Christian take on the subject matter. It has been argued that the marginal yet transnational Christian metal subculture provides its core members with an alternative religious expression and Christian identity, and that the music serves the purpose of offering a positive message through lyrical content. This may not necessarily show a direct connection or reference to the Christian faith but often it does.