what is blind faith in christianity

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  • Is the Christian Faith Blind Faith?

  • There is a common perception that the Christian faith is a 鈥渂lind faith鈥? a belief for which there is no evidence. This misperception contrasts dramatically with the teaching of the New Testament writers, who emphasized that faith in Jesus Christ is a belief based on evidence.

  • Was Abraham鈥檚 Blind Faith the ideal?

  • This account makes it seem that God was rewarding and complimenting Abraham for blind faith, and since Abraham is one of the models given to us to follow, it would seem that blind faith is the ideal. That, however, is not the whole story. If we turn to the book of Hebrews and read what it says about Abraham, we can find out a bit more.

  • Is our walk with God blind faith?

  • There will be times in our walk with God that we will act purely on faith because we do not have the whole picture, as in the case of Abraham. However this faith is not blind; it is based on knowledge of God鈥檚 nature and character, His promises in the Scriptures, and our personal experience walking with God every day.

  • What is biblical Christian faith?

  • Biblical Christian faith is trust placed in Jesus Christ. This is an evidence-based faith, not a blind faith. A moment鈥檚 reflection should be sufficient to realize that we all exercise faith in our day-to-day lives. This is very evident in our financial dealings, as this example shows: