what is agape in christianity

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Christians believe that God has unconditional and enduring love for all human beings,known as agape. They believe that he showed this love by sacrificing his son,Jesus,to atone for human sin. In this sense,agape is also a self-sacrificing kind of love.

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  • What is agape love in Christianity?

  • Christianity holds Agape love as the highest type of love anyone can achieve. This belief stems from the ephemeral teachings of Jesus, that 鈥淕od is love.鈥?Perhaps we should start with John 3:16, where God gave his son, Jesus, for the world to be saved from the dungeons of sin.

  • How many times does the word agape appear in the Bible?

  • The adjective form, 峒€纬伪蟺畏蟿蠈蟼 agap膿ts (beloved), occurs 6 1 times. The word agape occurs in perhaps the most famous Bible verse, John 3:16. 鈥淔or God so loved (agape) the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.鈥?/div>What is agape? | agape in the Bible | Is agape divine love

  • How is the Agape related to the Eucharist?

  • The Agape was thus related to the Eucharist as Christ’s last Passover to the Christian rite which He grafted upon it. It preceded and led up to the Eucharist, and was quite distinct from it.

  • What is the agape meal?

  • In the opinion of the great majority of scholars the Agape was a meal at which not only bread and wine but all kinds of viands were used, a meal which had the double purpose of satisfying hunger and thirst and giving expression to the sense of Christian brotherhood.