how to convert an agnostic to christianity

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  • What does it mean to be agnostic?

  • An agnostic believes that their belief system is the most rational and reasonable worldview, sometimes because of the 鈥榙amage鈥?done by religion throughout the centuries, but mainly because it seems to be the most consistent with the observable world according to the scientific method.

  • How do I convince an atheist to become a Christian?

  • Recognize when to let go. Not every atheist can be convinced to become a Christian. If a person is resistant to the idea, don’t waste your time by pushing more and more. Instead, let it go. They will come back to you (or another Christian) if they change their mind.

  • What do agnostics believe about Jesus?

  • About Jesus: An agnostic believes Jesus was either just an ordinary person, or never existed at all. They will oftentimes refer to the 鈥楯esus-Myth鈥?or 鈥楯ebus鈥?(a sarcastic reference to Christ).

  • What are the chances of an atheist converting to Christianity?

  • Most atheists have a solid view of what they believe, and while most are open to discussion, the chance of one converting is more than unlikely. Thanks!