are anthropology and christianity compatible

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  • What is the relationship between anthropology and Christianity?

  • And anthropologists stand in a structurally and ideologically oppositional relationship to Christian missionaries, who, like them, have taken to the foreign fields to interact with the natives, yet for obviously quite different purposes.

  • Is evolution compatible with Christian faith?

  • Over the years since I changed my perspective, I have made another startling discovery: Many of the most famous and influential Christian scholars and leaders of the last 150 years also believed evolution was compatible with Christian faith. Below is a collection of quotes from these scholars and leaders.

  • Is the discipline of anthropology post-religious?

  • T he discipline of anthropology is often considered post-religious if not anti-religious. Most working anthropologists profess no religious faith.

  • What are the best books on religion in anthropology?

  • Studies such as Nuer Religion (Evans-Pritchard), Purity and Danger (Douglas), and The Ritual Process (Victor Turner) are now classics, part of the canon of anthropological literature. It was not the secular rationalists, Larsen makes clear, but rather the Catholic believers who produced the higher-quality scholarship.