what is the original language of christianity

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  • What was the original language of the Bible?

  • What Was the Original Language of the Bible? by Nicola Denzey Lewis. It was simpler in its style, syntax, and grammar than classical Greek, and it was probably easier for non-native speakers of Greek to learn. While Jesus and his disciples would have spoken Aramaic (in fact, Jesus speaks Aramaic in certain passages of the New Testament,…

  • What language did Jesus speak?

  • Aramaic. It is the general consensus of religious scholars and historians that Jesus and his disciples primarily spoke Aramaic, the traditional language of Judea in the first century AD. Their Aramaic was most likely a Galilean accent distinct from that of Jerusalem. Jesus spent most of his time in the communities of Nazareth …

  • What language were the Gospels written in?

  • It’s hard to know for certain, but there are very good reasons to believe all four gospels were written in Greek. However, according to the earliest Christian tradition, Matthew was written in Hebrew.

  • What are the different languages in the Old Testament?

  • 1 Hebrew. The Hebrew of the Old Testament is a Semitic language (so called by modern scholars after the name of Shem, Noah鈥檚 oldest son). 2 Aramaic. Aramaic is a close cognate language (actually a group of Semitic dialects) of Hebrew. … 3 Greek. The Greek language has passed through several major periods of change. …