are 22 christians sentenced to die in afganistan

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Were 22 Christian missionaries sentenced to death in Afghanistan?

An image shared on Facebook more than 300 times claims 22 Christian missionaries were sentenced to death in Afghanistan. “Your prayers please,” reads the caption. The Daily Caller didn’t find any recent media reports of Christian missionaries being sentenced to death or executed in Afghanistan.

Are the lives of Christians in Afghanistan at risk?

The lives of Christians in Afghanistan are always at risk, and they do need our prayers, but it is important for us to know what is real and what is not.

Does photo show Islamic State executing a Christian missionary in Afghanistan?

One widely-shared version includes an image purportedly showing the execution of a Christian missionary in Afghanistan. However, Agence France-Presse (AFP) determined that the photo likely depicts a member of the Islamic State executing a man accused of spying in Iraq.

What is the Taliban’s stance on Christian missionaries?

Missionary work is illegal and there have been cases of the Taliban killing people accused of working as Christian missionaries, including the 2014 attack on a South African family living in Kabul. The situation has become even more precarious following the sudden return to power of the Taliban in August 2021.

How many Christian missionaries were executed in Afghanistan?

The Daily Caller didn’t find any recent media reports of 22 Christian missionaries being sentenced to death or executed in Afghanistan, only other fact-checkers debunking the claim as a hoax. According to Snopes, the hoax has been circulating since at least 2009, spreading via text message, email and social media.

How many times has the Facebook post been shared?

It has been shared more than 300 times. (RELATED: Do The Taliban Control Nearly 45 Percent Of Afghanistan?)

What percentage of Afghanistan’s population is Christian?

The State Department estimates that Christian and other non-Islamic religious groups make up less than one percent of Afghanistan’s population. The country’s constitution, which establishes Islam as the state religion, grants minority religious groups freedom to exercise their faiths “within the limits of the law,” but makes proselytizing and apostasy punishable by death, according to the State Department.

Did the Daily Caller find any recent media reports of Christian missionaries being sentenced to death or executed in Afghanistan?

The Daily Caller didn’t find any recent media reports of Christian missionaries being sentenced to death or executed in Afghanistan. The claim has been routinely debunked over the years as a hoax.

Who killed the medical aid workers?

In 2010, the Taliban claimed responsibility for killing 10 medical aid workers from the International Assistance Mission, claiming the individuals were Christian missionaries and spies, according to The New York Times. In 2014, the Taliban killed a South African family in Kabul for allegedly operating a secret Christian missionary group, though friends of the family told reporters said they were not proselytizing, according to The Guardian.

How many church workers were killed in 2007?

On 19 July 2007, 23 church workers from South Korea were taken hostage by the Taliban. Two of their number were executed (shot to death and abandoned by the roadside), with the remaining 21 eventually released after the South Korean government reportedly paid $20 million for their freedom.

When did the appeal for prayers for the 22 Christian missionaries in Afghanistan come out?

Appeals for prayers on behalf of 22 Christian missionary families about to be executed in Afghanistan have circulated periodically since early 2009, originally both as an e-mail forward and as a text message sent to cell phones:

Did the Koreans travel through Afghanistan?

The Koreans had apparently been incautious, traveling unescorted by bus through an area of Afghanistan frequently singled out by the Taliban and highway robbers.

What do executioners wear?

Other IS propaganda material has also featured executioners wearing a long, loose black shirt, black trousers and a head covering. They have also, like in the video screenshot seen above, used a sword for the execution.

How many South Korean missionaries were kidnapped in Afghanistan?

As reported by AFP, 23 South Korean missionaries were kidnapped in Afghanistan by the Taliban in 2007. The captors killed two of the hostages, Presbyterian pastor Bae Hyung-Kyu and medical-services volunteer Shim Sung-Min, in the initial weeks of the standoff. The rest were released.

What did Haidary say about the blindfolded man?

As for the photo used in one of the widely-shared posts carrying the claim — showing a blindfolded man about to be executed — Haidary said that the clothing of another man, seen in white in the background, did not look Afghan.

What do ISIS fighters wear?

ISIS (Islamic State) fighters in Afghanistan are outfitted differently — they mostly wear shalwar kamiz, ” Haidary said, referring to traditional garments worn by men in some parts of South Asia. “It looks like an old picture from somewhere in the Middle East," he concluded. Haidary was right about that.

How long has the snooper hoax been around?

This hoax has been in circulation since 2009 and, as reported by fact-checking site Snopes, it has also spread via emails and text messages. We’ve archived a couple more recent examples on Facebook here and here.

What is the punishment for apostasy in the Taliban?

Haidary told us that “in Taliban-controlled areas, the punishment for apostasy is death. But in government-controlled areas, the courts may show some leniency.”.

Where is Nineveh located?

Nineveh is a province in northern Iraq. 2. The photo bears the hallmarks of IS propaganda. The yellow logo, seen partially in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo, has appeared in other IS propaganda. “Nineveh State” is also a term used by the IS group — the Iraqi government does not refer to it as a state.

Why was the Facebook post flagged?

The post was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook .)

When did the Taliban take control of Afghanistan?

This post comes as the Taliban takes control of Afghanistan following the final stages of U.S. troop withdrawal. The Taliban previously controlled Afghanistan from 1996 until the U.S. invaded the country following the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

When did Qaraqosh get out of the Islamic State?

The Islamic State was ousted from Qaraqosh in 2016, and since then, about half the city’s population has returned and started to rebuild.

When did Christians flee Qaraqosh?

In 2014 Christians fled Qaraqosh, known as Iraq’s Christian capital, after the Islamic State, the militant group known as ISIS, began to take over the city. At the time, Pope Francis called on the international community to address the crisis, according to the BBC.

Who said "How about I just f—- shoot the both of you"?

A news report quoted Alec Baldwin saying, “How about I just f—– shoot the both of ya?”

What is Christian chat?

Christian Chat is a moderated online Christian community allowing Christians around the world to fellowship with each other in real time chat via webcam, voice, and text, with the Christian Chat app. You can also start or participate in a Bible-based discussion here in the Christian Chat Forums, where members can also share with each other their own videos, pictures, or favorite Christian music.

Did the Taliban retake Afghanistan?

Threw down their weapons and ran away. The Taliban retook Afghanistan without a shot being fired.

Where is Qaragosh?

It seems that ‘Qaragosh’ is in Iraq..

Can you be a missionary in a closed country?

You have to operate somewhat undercover if you want to be a missionary in a closed country. But if its Gods mission to spread the gospel its not going to fail whether you come out alive or not. Spare a thought for the christians in afghansitan who ARENT missionaries. Missionaries are an easy target because they are foreign and easily identifiable.

Is the original post a hoax?

None of this has anything to do with the original thread. The original post was a hoax, not true, in essence a lie. No matter the situation in Afghanistan, there is no reason to inflame the situation with untruths.

Is it a tragedy that their own forces failed/refused to defend themselves?

It‘s a tragedy that their own forces failed/refused to defend themselves.

Is praying done in the spirit?

Only comfort is that most praying was done in the Spirit so nothing was lost .