are adult vr games and christianity

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What are the Best VR games to play with strategy?

A great example of a game that requires strategy is XStoryPlayer, where you need to please the women to earn your reward. However, the most important thing is having the right equipment. Make sure your personal VR equipment is compatible with the game before buying it.

Can you play WebVR games on Oculus Quest?

The VR Ero-Beat rhythm game in particular is charming and fun as hell, while still being pretty titillating. Because Facebook is very heavy-handed with its censorship, there’s a growing demand for WebVR games that can be played directly from the Oculus Quest browser, said Soren.

What is the Best VR headset for PC gaming?

Oculus Rift, Quest 1 or 2, and HTC Vive are all solid options. Personally, we recommend a Quest. The standalone headset is reasonably priced ($299) and versatile, able to be souped up into the equivalent of Rift when connected to a PC via Oculus Link cable.

A Virtual Crash Course

Virtual reality is a totally immersive 3-dimensional visual and auditory experience of a digitally created world. Think about it like jumping inside your TV and experiencing a movie or video game from within. You turn left and see William Wallace’s army in Braveheart preparing to charge and turn right to see the English waiting for them.

Coming Back to Reality

Alright, I have put you off long enough. Astute readers are likely itching to have their pushback heard. And yes, there are a lot of reasons to push back against the potential wonders of VR.

Making Sense of Virtual Reality

The Bible teaches us everything we need to know about what will happen with virtual reality. In Genesis 1, God created Adam and Eve in his image and commissioned them to fill the earth and care for it. From the beginning this included making new technologies to help us fulfill our purpose as humans made in God’s likeness.

What is the greatest potential of virtual reality?

It is in VR’s possibility of empathy where we find its ultimate beauty and power.

What are the limitations of VR?

One obvious limitation is the need for extremely high-resolution displays and powerful processors, as well as the clumsiness of current motion trackers. My own experience with VR was plagued by this limitation: My phone just isn’t powerful enough for a good VR experience. But this will gradually be overcome as the technology and software improves.

How does VR help us?

We are shaped by more than our life experiences. Our media, whether television, film, or literature, also shapes us, and under the right circumstances, can help us become more Christlike. VR is now poised to join the ranks of traditional forms of media, and we must be aware of its potential. It can help us engage empathetically by stepping into someone else’s experience. Paradoxically, VR’s greatest potential is not that it can help us escape suffering, whether to some gun-toting power fantasy or to an imaginary, seagull-ridden shoreline. Rather, VR’s true strength is that with it we can perhaps suffer more easily.

What is VR’s greatest strength?

VR’s greatest strength is not escapism, but empathy.

Why should we care about VR?

The simplest and most banal answer for why we should care is “ubiquity.” VR is set to go from a niche tech-curiosity to a living room staple. Despite some initial hiccups, some Wall Street analysts project that by 2020 VR will reach between $20 billion and $40 billion in sales. One VR developer I spoke with noted that some projections have the virtual reality industry becoming larger than the current film, music, and videogame industries combined. While that falls on the more optimistic side of predictions, it speaks to the tremendous expectations of just how far VR is poised to go.

Who is Chris Casberg?

Chris Casberg is a former Marine Corps translator and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His writing on faith and videogames has appeared in The Gospel Coalition, Christ & Pop Culture, Gamechurch, and more.

Who wrote "Imagine 10 years ago trying to envision the way we use cell phones today"?

In an essay for The Verge, Matthew Schnipper writes, “Imagine 10 years ago trying to envision the way we use cell phones today. It’s impossible. That’s the promise VR has today.”

Video Games

What am I referring to when considering video games? Practically stated, this discussion is framed with games within the mainstream in mind, ranging from a smart phone game like Flappy Bird to an PC game like World of Warcraft (and all variations of video games in between), which are played by adults but not for profit or vocation.


What makes this problem unique when considering adults? Scripture makes it plain that there is a way of living like a child, which is different from living like an adult. In 1 Corinthians 13:11, the Apostle Paul keyed in on this reality when considering our continual development in life in light of God’s unchanging truth.

Play and Leisure

What does the Bible have to say about play or leisure? Scripture offers some guidance regarding these ideas. When using an English word search in the English Standard Version bible translation, “play” turns up 56 times. Five Hebrew verbs and three Greek verbs are used to produce the English word “play” in the ESV.


Pragmatism is in the air we breathe as Americans. If it works, do it. Most all things are judged by their usefulness and the outcomes they produce. This is the consequential ethic. Using a consequential approach, adults playing video games for leisure is a ‘good’ thing if the results are positive and a ‘bad’ thing if the results are negative.


While non-Christian ethicists are challenged to seek for an authoritative source for a categorical imperative (such as Hegel, Hume, and Moore), Christians have the challenge of interpreting the commands that God has given them in the Bible.


The final category of ethical approach is the existential or character-based. We behave as who we are. At our most basic level, all human beings are created in the image of God. God is God and we are not – we are finite. We must breathe, eat, and rest.


Whether in work or in leisure, as the Westminster Divines wrote long ago, man’s chief end does not change: “ to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever. ” Adults who use video games for leisure use them in good conscience when they use them according to the law of love. God rested after creative work.

What is VR in movies?

Virtual reality (VR) rules at the box office and often in life. Movies such as Surrogates and the upcoming remake of Tron, and even country songs, such as Brad Paisley’s “Online,” deal with the rewards and the risks of virtual reality.

Why do people use VR?

Yet virtual reality has applications greater than just entertainment. Surgeons use VR to practice difficult surgical procedures . No risk, no “uh-oh’s,” no blood. Virtual reality offers an escape from the pain and difficulties of this world.

What does BR mean in the Bible?

Biblical reality (BR), which reveals true reality (TR), recognizes this flaw in every person, and experienced reality (ER) confirms that evil plagues all people in every culture. The Bible points out that man needs someone to correct his flaws and bring him into TR.

Why do architects use VR?

With VR, soldiers can experience the feel of battle and enhance their training. Architects use VR to help their clients choose designs for rooms and storage spaces.

Is virtual reality more valuable than entertainment?

Virtual reality has far more value than entertainment and escape. It has practical applications, too. If you can disengage from those aliens for a moment, you’ll see that VR teaches another important lesson about this life and the life beyond. Virtual reality (VR) rules at the box office and often in life.

What is VR chat?

VR Chat is low-key one of the fastest-growing, most beloved online multiplayer homes for lovers of adult virtual reality games around the globe.

How many models are there in Genshin Impact?

With over 1,000 models — many based on animated hotties from popular games, movies, and shows — you’re bound to find one of your faves, from Princess Peach to Genshin Impact characters. There are also 400 animations to cycle through, with a lot of sexual variety.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Is Patreon free to download?

Price: Free download, with only bonus content kept behind a Patreon subscription

Can you get Virt-A-Mate with VamX?

I suggest newbies who still want to try skip going cold turkey into Virt-A-Mate and instead opt for the additional download of VamX, a user-made add-on package designed for more simplified user-friendliness that even comes with an in-game tutorial. You can either get it with a VRPorn Premium subscription or Patreon subscrption.

Can you play Quest without a PC?

While there are increasingly more native Quest games you can play without a PC, a majority of current titles still require a computer high-end enough to run PCVR. Luckily, connecting the Quest to your PC through the Oculus PC app and a USB-C to USB-A cable is pretty easy.

Is there a single one of the nine fantasies that breaks from the heteronormative binary?

It’s a shame, though, that not a single one of the nine fantasies breaks from the heteronormative binary, excluding explicitly trans, gender fluid, or women loving women perspectives.

What is Egirl VR?

Egirl VR – A realistic girlfriend game where you can talk and play with a virtual girlfriend in different scenes and environments

What does "douche" mean in French?

La Douche – “Douche” in French means shower. This game takes you on a voyeuristic adventure where you can watch a beautiful avatar go through her routine.

How many prizes does Reader Revolution give out?

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration, the newly nonprofit Reader is giving out 50 incredible prizes for 50 days. We’ve partnered with some of Chicago’s most popular establishments for prize packages that include concert tickets, theatre tickets, gift certificates to popular restaurants and retailers, and more. The best part is, every Reader Revolution member will be automatically entered to win, no matter what giving level you’re at.

How to get laid in Xstoryplayer?

The characters in XStoryPlayer aren’t going to jump when you tell them to. To get laid playing this game, you need to finesse, coax, and even date them. For instance, in this game you might find yourself on a dating site within the game (talk about meta!) and meeting up with a cutie in town.

Is the Oculus Quest compatible with Oculus Go?

Use your credits to make requests throughout the game. Yes, the micro-transactions will eventually add up, so prepare to spend some money. This game is compatible with most headsets including Oculus Quest. Oculus Go compatibility is coming soon.

Can you play SinVR separately?

Some games let you personalize the characters, but SinVR has done the work for you by creating some of the sexiest fantasy girls to play with. You can purchase them separately, but it means that you get to enjoy them for life. No membership required!

Can you press play on videos over and over again?

Pressing play on videos over and over again can get dull. There’s something really special about putting in a little work. Plus, these games do a fantastic job of making the reward worthwhile!