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For those of you who don’t know what that means,African Christians are some of the most conservative, fundamentalist zealots on Earth. Most African Christians believe that every word of the Bible is the literal word of God, and yet, most African Christians manage to vote for DemocratsDemocratic PartyThe Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States, along with its rival, the Republican Party. Tracing its heritage back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s Democratic-Republican Party, the modern-day Democratic Party was founded arou…

Is Christianity part of Africa’s history?

As Yomi Kazeem wrote in Quartz Africa on the release of the Pew report on April 4, Christianity is also part of African history. “There are already more Christians in Africa than any other continent — that’s not going to change soon.”

What is conservative Christianity?

Conservative Christianity in both its American forms constitutes a single powerful religious story—God is on the side of His people as they struggle for freedom.

Are there more Jews or Christians in Africa?

As Yomi Kazeem wrote in Quartz Africa on the release of the Pew report on April 4, Christianity is also part of African history. “There are already more Christians in Africa than any other continent — that’s not going to change soon.” According to Pew, Judaism is a small global minority.

Are Afro-American Protestants more conservative than other Protestant denominations?

In general, as we have reported, the doctrinal and ethical perspectives of African Americans in Afro-American Protestant denominations are, if anything, more conservative than those of whites in other Conservative Protestant denominations.

What group did Martin Luther King join with to campaign for the right to worship?

Most recently, the Martin Luther King Republicans joined with the conservative group Reopen Illinois to campaign for the right to worship.

Why am I a conservative?

I am a conservative because personal initiative favors personal economic freedom. I oppose excessive government control of business and the subversion of the traditional family structure. I fully endorse and favor a free-market economy and the rule of law.

What is the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans?

The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, where I am executive director , was created to strengthen our nation by improving educational outcomes for African Americans of all ages. The mission includes helping ensure students are prepared for college and productive careers to contribute to the well-being of society.

Why is protest against government always against government?

This is because the evil that people or corporations perpetrate on others is always enabled, fostered, or protected by governments.

How did the boycotts help Latin America?

These principles have lifted many in Latin America and Asia out of poverty. They forced integration of public facilities through boycotts. They continue to push for life-enhancing innovations in technology, education, and retail.

What is the fulfillment of the promises attending that realization?

Moreover, the fulfillment of the promises attending that realization have been made manifest in the consistent progress of civilization in the United States, in which the power of the individual and the value of self-agency, informed by the security of religious conviction, have steadily reinforced real material progress and the opportunity for moral progress.

Is conservatism an ideology?

If anyone is willing to step away from the noise and cacophonic discourse that now compromise political discussion, we can begin to see that conservatism is not just an opposing or competing ideology. It is a human imperative wrought in the will and psyche of every reasonable person.

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How many percentage points did the Conservative Protestants vote for Republican candidates in the 1990s?

Finally, the additional vote of Conservative Protestants for Republican candidates, over and above that of Mainline American Protestants, is meager—about seven percentage points.

How does religious practice affect partisanship?

Religious practice also affects the direction of partisanship. African Americans who attend services and/or read scripture more often are more inclined to vote for Democrats; whites move in the Republican direction as they increase their attendance and scripture reading. The strongest Democrats in this tabulation are the African Americans in Afro-American denominations who read their Bible daily, followed closely by those who attend church weekly. The strongest Republicans are the whites in Conservative Protestant denominations who read their Bibles daily and attend services weekly.

What inspired abolitionists?

These questions are important and we must ask them, even if answers are not easy to find. History is a rough and somewhat contradictory guide. Religion inspired abolitionists, black and white. From the Emancipation to the igloos, African Americans supported the “party of Lincoln.” But Franklin D. Roosevelt sought black support, north and south. Truman integrated the armed forces, and the Kennedys aggressively went at segregation when the Supreme Court called for “all deliberate speed.” Does the hue and cry about “evangelicals” and “fundamentalists” in fact provide a religious cover for a more basic experience of gain and loss? Might both blacks and whites bring their religious stories along with them as they change political places so that the same stories will correlate with opposed political reactions? Operationally might belief in the word-for-word literal inerrancy of the Bible intensify white Conservative Protestants’ propensity to vote Republican and black Conservative Protestants’ propensity to vote Democratic? If this should be the case then “evangelical”—in the strictest sense of the word—means Republicanin some circumstances and Democratic in other circumstances.

Who wrote the book The Truth about Conservative Christians?

The Truth about Conservative Christians: What They Think and What They Believe by Andrew Greeley and Michael Hout, an excerpt

Can conservative Christianity promote a political agenda?

Therefore we suggest as the conclusion to this chapter that Conservative Christianity can promote a political agenda. American political history teaches us, though, that the direction it leads men and women cannot be determined in advance. Evangelical militancy is not new, and while it is distasteful when it marches in the opposite direction of our own cause, it can also be embraced (at risk of inconsistency) to support the “onward, Christian soldiers” march of one’s own cause.

Is the correlation in Table 4.1 robust?

We note also that the correlations represented in table 4.1 are very robust. They exist even when our statistical adjustments hold constant the possibly confounding effects of gender, region, marital status, education, income and liberal/conservative political orientation.

Does the Gospel correlate with political orientation?

To put the matter differently, the Gospel does correlate with political orientation; the direction of the correlation depends on believers’ social contexts, which in this case means their differing racial ancestries. Table 4.1 Votes for Democrats in the 1992-2000 presidential elections by race and denomination.

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Why do Christian conservatives vote for Republican candidates?

In my opinion, most Christian conservatives simply vote for Republican candidates because they grew up believing that they were Republicans. Their religion and political affiliations have become so integral to their identities that they cannot accept that there is obvious dissonance between the two.

Why do conservative Christians vote Republican?

Conservative Christians argue that they need to vote Republican in order to protect the sanctity of life. “All life is precious!” they claim, as they vote to expand capital punishment, reduce gun control, and restrict healthcare, and as they contemptuously shout down the people of color who protest police brutality against their communities. Jesus never claimed that life was only precious while inside the womb.

What is the history of photography?

The history of photography is the recount of inventions, scientific discoveries and technical improvements that allowed human beings to capture an image on a photosensitive surface for the first time, using light and certain chemical elements that react with it.

Do retired people go to school at home?

Nowadays, many working adults, high school graduates, and retired lifelong learners are choosing to advance their careers, lives, and personal knowledge by completing school at home.

Is Christian conservatism an oxymoron?

Christian conservatism in the United States is an oxymoron. You cannot be both a good Christian and a strong conservative at once; it creates far too much cognitive dissonance. In order to do so, you would have to ignore crucial tenets of one aspect of your identity or another.

What is the fourth largest Christian denomination in the United States?

3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the fourth largest Christian denomination in the United States, otherwise known as the "Mormon" faith. With regards to transgender issues, "The church has not publically confronted the issue of transgender Mormons.

What is the largest African American Christian denomination?

1. Church of God in Christ. The Church of God in Christ is a Pentecostal denomination of more than 6 million members and is the also the largest African-American Christian denomination. It has "to date, remained silent on transgender issues.".

What percentage of Christians are Pentecostal?

Pentecostal congregations, of which the United Pentecostal Church International is one, make up approximately 25 percent of Christians around the world. According to the Human Rights Campaign, "Pentecostal congregations have historically condemned homosexuality … most Pentecostal denominations have doctrinal statements condemning homosexuality."

Do Christian denominations disapprove of transgender people?

Many Christian denominations remain steadfast in their disapproval of transgender lifestyle choices, which they regard as sinful. Other denominations remain divided. There are several denominations, however, that have held the most conservative stance on the transgender issue. 1.

Is transgender equality a sensitive issue?

The issue of transgender equality continues to be a sensitive one. The subject became more of an issue when former Olympic star Bruce Jenner revealed his desire to become female during a televised interview. Many Christian denominations remain steadfast in their disapproval of transgender lifestyle choices, which they regard as sinful.

Who is John Lomperis?

John Lomperis, the United Methodist director at the Institute on Religion and Democracy explained, in a 2013 Boston Globe article, that, "Currently within the United Methodist Church, we have people with fundamentally irreconcilable differences about not just issues of sexual morality, but basic core beliefs.".

How many Christians will be in Africa by 2060?

By 2060, the Pew Center reported recently, there will be 727 million Christians in Africa, with six nations in the top 10, numerically. They are likely to be (in order of magnitude) Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

How many followers does Buddhism have?

The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University says that Buddhism has about 470 million followers globally. “It represents a major component of the spiritual heritage of East and Southeast Asia,” the center says in its online demographics of Buddhism.

What are the two dominant religions?

The geography of these two dominant world religions, Christianity and Islam, are shifting, the researchers found, noting that “the lists illustrate the extent to which the population centers for these religions have moved away from their historical and traditional hubs.

When will Africa be a force in the Christian world?

In Numbers, Africa May Be a Force in the Christian World by 2060 - PassBlue.

Where did Buddhism move?

While Buddhism has migrated westward, the influences of African interpretations of Christianity, traditional and evangelical, have moved northward into Europe and recently the US.

Who won the George Polk Award for her coverage of Rajiv Gandhi?

Crossette won the George Polk award for her coverage in India of the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and the 2010 Shorenstein Prize for her writing on Asia. Categories Africa, Health and Population, Latin America, Middle East. Tags Buddhist population, Christians by population, Hindu population, Judaism population, Muslim population, …

Is Christianity a part of Africa?

As Yomi Kazeem wrote in Quartz Africa on the release of the Pew report on April 4, Christianity is also part of African history. “There are already more Christians in Africa than any other continent — that’s not going to change soon.”. According to Pew, Judaism is a small global minority.