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Why did the Wilder family move to Utah?

With a fresh doctorate in hand, Lynn and Michael moved the Wilder family from Indiana to Utah. They all believed Lynn’s opportunity to go to “ Zion ” and work for the LDS Church was a sign that God was very pleased with the family, and perhaps especially pleased with Lynn.

Did Lynn Wilder understand what was still ahead?

Little did she understand that heart-wrenching trials were still ahead. Lynn and Michael Wilder were married in 1974. Though they had both attended Protestant churches growing up, they were spiritually unprepared to deal with the Mormon missionaries who knocked on their door three years later.

What bothered Lynn the most about the church?

Another thing that bothered Lynn was the inequality of discipline meted out by bishops and stake presidents to different people who were guilty of similar infractions. To Lynn, this discipline did not appear to come from God but rather from the disposition of whichever Church leader was in authority.

Why did Mike and Lynn get baptized in the LDS Church?

While she was lukewarm to the idea, Lynn wanted to support Mike in what he believed was right. Despite objections from their families, Mike and Lynn went ahead and were baptized into the LDS Church in 1977. Once they made the commitment to Mormonism, Mike and Lynn were in — all in.