are any members of u2 band members christians

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Three out of four
Three out of fourof U2’s band members are Christians,but their music is not a ministry. They are a mainstream,commercial rock group that appeals to a broad range of people,not one religion. What kind of music is U2? U2’s music is a blend of pop,rock,and punk,depending on the album.

Is U2 the best rock band ever?

With that said, no, U2 is not the greatest rock band ever, nor could a rational argument be made for it. Were they popular? Yes. Do they have longevity? Sure, without a doubt, but popularity and longevity do not make you the best.

Is U2 a religious rock band?

U2 is still the biggest rock band in the world, and they’re a Christian rock band. It can be easy to overlook this fact because they’re not that kind of Christian recording group, but the evidence…

Is Adam Clayton from U2 a Christian?

In the beginning, Clayton didn’t feel like he really fit in the group – of the four band members, only Adam wasn’t an admitted Christian. Another thing that distinguishes him from the other members of the group, is that he is the only one who doesn’t have any children.

Is U2 considered an alternative rock band?

Thematically, Achtung Baby is darker, more meditative, and more lighthearted than their previous work, and U2’s entry into the alternative rock 90’s. Producer Daniel Lanois’ strategy was to record in houses, mansions, or castles, as he believed it brought atmosphere to the recordings. U2 began recording in Berlin in October 1990.

What does Bono mean by "see the thorn twist in your side"?

Bono even belts “see the thorn twist in your side”—an obvious reference to the Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 12:7 —in the song “With or Without You.”. Lead singer Bono is so comfortable talking about his Christian faith that he even agreed to be interviewed by “Focus on the Family.”.

What verses does U2 use in their songs?

If you carefully attune your ears to U2’s lyrics, you’ll find there are 50 or more references to Bible verses in their songs. In “Bullet the Blue Sky,” for example, they sing about Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the Lord ( Genesis 32) and there is a reference to speaking with “the tongues of angels” ( 1 Corinthians 13) in “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Bono even belts “see the thorn twist in your side”—an obvious reference to the Apostle Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 12:7 —in the song “With or Without You.”

What is the point of the death of Christ?

In another interview, Bono wasn’t waffling when he articulated a view of the atonement of Jesus: “The point of the death of Christ is that Christ took on the sins of the world, so that what we put out did not come back to us, and that our sinful nature does not reap the obvious death.”.

Is U2’s faith a secret?

If U2’s faith is a secret, like a writer for The New Yorker asserted, it is one of the worst kept ones in the global music industry today. If U2’s faith is a secret, like a writer for ‘The New Yorker’ asserted, it is one of the worst kept ones in the global music industry today. - Image courtesy of Matthew McGee (

Is U2 a Christian band?

In an article for The New Yorker titled “ The Church of U2 ,”Joshua Rothman explored “confusion” around U2’s faith and claimed that they are a “semi-secretly Christian rock band.”. But applying such a label to U2 generally and their sunglasses-clad singer, Bono, seems difficult to defend.

Who said that he and his family maintain a vibrant prayer life?

If you want something more heartfelt, you might reference when Bono noted that he and his family maintain a vibrant prayer life:

What is the movie about the band Rattle and Hum?

On Rattle and Hum (1988), a double album and documentary movie, the band explored American roots music— blues, country, gospel, and folk—with typical earnestness but were pilloried by some critics who found the project pompous. The Edge. PRNewsFoto/Hard Rock International—Wire Image/AP Images.

What was U2’s sound like in 1991?

U2 reinvented itself for the new decade, reemerging in 1991 with the album Achtung Baby and a sound heavily influenced by European experimental, electronic, and disco music. With this came a stage show that trafficked in irony and self-deprecating humour, qualities virtually absent from the band’s music in the previous decade; the 1992 Zoo TV tour was one of the most technically ambitious and artistically accomplished large-scale rock spectacles ever staged. But, despite the flashier exterior, the band’s lyrics remained obsessed with matters of the soul. The dehumanizing aspects of media and technology were a recurring theme on subsequent records, even as the band immersed itself in techno textures.

What happened to Bono in 2010?

The group supported the album with a world tour that stretched over the next two years. It was interrupted in May 2010, however, when Bono underwent emergency surgery after injuring his back during concert rehearsals in Germany, and it did not resume until the following year. U2 contributed the song “Ordinary Love” to the film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013). In 2014 Songs of Innocence, largely produced by Danger Mouse, was released at no cost to all customers of Apple ’s iTunes Store several weeks before its physical release. The move aroused controversy but gained attention, though reviews of the actual music were mixed, with many critics complaining that the band’s sound remained static. Songs of Experience (2017) received similar critiques, but the band continued to garner high sales.

What album did U2 cover in 1987?

PRNewsFoto/Hard Rock International—Wire Image/AP Images. Album cover of The Joshua Tree (1987) by U2. PRNewsFoto/Universal Music Enterprises/AP Images. U2 reinvented itself for the new decade, reemerging in 1991 with the album Achtung Baby and a sound heavily influenced by European experimental, electronic, and disco music.

What albums did U2 and Talking Heads make?

with Talking Heads and U2 that mainstream listeners became familiar with his sound, most notably on Talking Heads’ Top 20 album Remain in Light (1980) and U2 ’s chart-topping albums Unforgettable Fire (1984), The Joshua Tree (1987), and Achtung Baby (1991).…

What is the U2 sound?

Though forged in the crucible of punk rock that swept Europe in the late 1970s, U2 instantly created a distinctive identity with its grandiose sound, a merger of the Edge’s minimal, reverb-drenched guitar and Bono’s quasi-operatic vocal s.

When did the band rush release the pop album?

In 1997 the band rush-released the Pop album to fulfill obligations for a stadium tour and was greeted with its worst reviews since Rattle and Hum. Another reinvention was in store, but this time, rather than boldly pushing forward, the band sought to reassure fans by making music that referenced its 1980s roots.

What did Bono say about the tax issue?

In a statement, Bono said that he was "furious" and that he needed to take some responsibility for failing to protect workers, but the tax issue was seen by some as another example of the singer’s hypocrisy. ONE has remained active since the scandal.

What songs did Bono write about his mother’s death?

Aside from "Iris," Bono also wrote two other songs in the early 1980s about his mother’s death: "I Will Follow" and "Tomorrow." The band’s 2014 album, "Songs of Innocence" was released on the anniversary of his mother’s passing, though Bono said the timing was coincidence.

Why was Clayton arrested?

In 1984, Clayton was arrested for dangerous and drunk driving. Five years later, was arrested for possession of 19 grams of marijuana, which threatened his ability to get visas and the group’s ability to tour, as reported by Hot Press. He pleaded guilty, paid a fine, and avoided any visa issues, but continued to struggle with substance abuse.

What happened to Bono’s dad?

In August 2001, while touring, Bono’s father, Norman, also passed away. He was 75 years old and had been diagnosed with cancer. According to ABC News, the singer had traveled in between concerts to be by his father’s side in his final days. In his first show after his father’s passing, Bono said to the crowd, "We all want to thank my old man for giving me this voice. He was a fine tenor and said to me if only I had this voice, just think what could happen."

How did Tony Adams die?

An early sign of failure came in the form of tragedy. Producer Tony Adams, who convinced Bono and the Edge to work on the music for the play, died of a stroke early during production. It was actually the Edge who found Adams lying on the floor. With hindsight, the musical’s playwright, Glen Berger said, "it didn’t really occur to anyone at the time that was going to be in some ways a fatal blow [to the project]."

Why don’t people like U2?

Salon details that part of the disdain towards U2 and Bono is their immense wealth while projecting a "holier than thou" image, and a Guardian editorial explains that people "don’t like U2 because they are enormously successful, because their tax affairs seem as hypocritical as those of any bunch of billionaires, and because their singer -– rich beyond his wildest dreams and hanging out with princes, presidents and preachers -– nonetheless won’t shut up about poor people."

When did Bono start wearing sunglasses?

According to VH1 Legends, Bono first began wearing sunglasses during performances during the band’s 1992 tour following the release of "Achtung Baby." The sunglasses were originally a part of his stage persona, the Fly, a parody of flamboyant rock stars like Lou Reed and Jim Morrison. Three decades after the tour ended and the Fly had flown away, Bono still sports sunglasses on and off the stage, though the glasses are no longer a part of a character.