are children pure in christianity

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When a babycomes into the world it is as though he or she brings the pureair of heaven along. At every birth we feel that something of God is born, that something of eternity has come down to us. The innocence of a childis an enormous blessing. The childlikespirit must be protected – but also nurtured.

Does your child have a pure conscience?

Every child has an instinctive, heartfelt longing for a pure conscience, and we should support this longing so that he or she does not suffer from a burdened conscience. There is a certain point at which children are no longer children in the true sense of the word. The moment they sin consciously, they cease to be children.

What does the Bible say about children and how we parent?

As parents, we are our children’s stewards during their earthly life. The Word of God has a lot to say about children and how we parent them. After all, Scripture tells us that “children are a gift from the Lord.

What is the value of a child’s soul in the Bible?

Jesus’ words tell us what great value the soul of a little child has in the eyes of God. Spiritually, every child is close to the throne of God, to the heart of God, and every child has a guardian angel who always sees the face of the Father in heaven ( Matt. 18:10 ).

Are children a gift from God?

Here are three ways we’re reminded that children are a gift from God. 1. Children teach us to be the best versions of ourselves. Like any parent can tell you, children do what we do, not what we say.