a christians response to model united nations

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What is the Model UN programme?

The United Nations Model UN Programme aims to build and maintain strong links between the UN and Model UN participants across the globe.

Are God and the United Nations co-operators or enemies?

Yet millions of Christians, because of faulty logic and the under-use of the United Nations by its Member Governments, see God and the United Nations not as cooperators but as combatants in a global win-lose struggle between good and evil.

How many students take part in Model UN?

Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide take part every year at all educational levels. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as student.

Is the United Nations an agent of God’s will?

Instead of seeing the United Nations as the agent of God’s will, as tending to help God’s work, they see the UN’s work for human rights, democracy, dialogue, and peace not just as humanly imperfect but even as supernaturally diabolical.

Why is the United Nations a bulwark of peace?

To their way of thinking the United Nations is a bulwark of peace for it obliges the nations to discuss their mutual differences, and helps to bring better living conditions to the “have-nots” of the world.

Is the United Nations a Christian organization?

The United Nations has no Christian basis, it is purely secular, and it is heading for world government. Therefore, the Western, so-called Christian nations, should pull out. At the other extreme are people who hold quite a different view. To their way of thinking the United Nations is a bulwark of peace for it obliges the nations …

Is the United Nations a political institution?

Since the United Nations is primarily a political institution, we might begin our evaluation by recalling the Christian evaluation of political government in general. The basic biblical datum is that all civil government is the creation of God (Rom. 13:1 f.).

What are ethical Christians?

Those I call "ethical" Christians obey the commandments of "Love thy neighbor" and "Do unto others." Ethical Christians cooperate across denominations to build human dignity, democracy, peace, and respect for universal human rights. They heal disease, end hunger, and save lives through efforts like UNICEF and the Christian Children’s Fund. They attempt to do the good and the right and to do them personally and directly.

What do speculative Christians need to know about the United Nations?

As part of appreciating anew the value of human efforts for the Good, speculative Christians need to learn about the work of the United Nations, imperfect as it may be, and the concept of revitalizing and reforming the United Nations and the role of the world’s citizens, scientists, experts, and elected leaders within it.

How many children die from lack of food, clean water, and basic medicine?

Because of criminal neglect by governments, and despite the efforts of the United Nations and of ethical Christians, 30,000 children still die every day around the world from lack of food, clean water, and basic medicine. But instead of urging their readers to go to the front lines of the battle and actually save these lives, the hucksters of speculative Christianity sell you "fictional" versions of the "real" Rapture in 12 volumes and tell you, "Jesus is coming soon!" On their way to the bank, they are too busy "saving souls" to help save actual lives.

Why do fundamentalists fail to notice the United Nations?

Another reason why fundamentalists fail to notice this basic error is that the United Nations – that is, the group of Member Governments that was supposed to organize peace and well-being on Earth after WWII — has been so criminally under-funded and under-used by those governments that it is perceived as having "failed" in its mission. And what fundamentalists also don’t perceive is that since the end of the Cold War, and particularly since the year 2000, the chief culprit for the under-use and under-funding of the United Nations has been the United States itself, led on by its doctrine of unilateral pre-emptive warfare that short-circuits the entire United Nations system for protecting national sovereignty and human rights.

How did the Cold War affect democracy?

The Cold War hindered UN work for democracy , but in 1988, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on "Enhancing the effectiveness of the principle of periodic and genuine elections." Every year since then, it has adopted at least one resolution dealing with some aspect of democracy. In addition, the UN Commission on Human Rights, together with the Economic and Social Council, have examined democracy from an international human rights perspective and clarified and elaborated its principles, values, processes, institutions, and mechanisms.

What does hope for the end of evil mean?

But actually, the answer is simple: (a) hope for the end of evil springs eternal in the human breast, and (b) when the "divine" power to end evil is separated from and set in opposition to the "human" power, as it is in fundamentalism and fictional religion, obviously there can be no question as to which power a person should side up with.

What is the Commission resolution 2001/41?

Commission resolution 2001/41 on "Continuing dialogue on measures to promote and consolidate democracy" calls for integrated democracy assistance programs and locally owned, broad-based common country strategies. It calls for the exchange of lessons learned and best practices in promoting and consolidating democracy, encourages the development of democracy expertise drawn from all regions of the world, and invites everyone to debate ways and means to promote and consolidate democracy. Similar General Assembly, ECOSOC, and Commission resolutions have continued since then, and now in 2006 the Human Rights Council has replaced the Commission, giving an even higher standing to human rights and democracy in the UN and global self-government system.