are joel and luke smallbone christians

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Australian-born brothers Joel and Luke Smallbonefor KING COUNTRYFor King Country, stylized as for KING COUNTRY and formerly known as Joel Luke as well as Austoville, is a Christian pop duo composed of Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone. The Nashville-based brothers’ 2012 debut record Crave has received praise, and the …, who comprise For King and Country, aretwo of the biggest stars in the world of contemporary Christian music. If you look at ‘God Only Knows, I think we said ‘God,’ you know, 24 times or something, said Joel.

Who are for King and Country’s Joel and Luke Smallbone?

Australian-born brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, who comprise For King and Country, are two of the biggest stars in the world of contemporary Christian music. If you look at ‘God Only Knows, I think we said ‘God,’ you know, 24 times or something, said Joel.

What happened to Luke Smallbone of for King and country?

A few years ago, Luke Smallbone of the Christian-music duo For King and Country, battled life-threatening ulcerative colitis. The singer spent months in and out of hospitals, dropped to 125 pounds and tried multiple treatments. His brother Joel, the other half of For King and Country, toured without him. In 2015, Luke Smallbone went into remission.

How did Joel and Luke Smallbone start their band?

After graduating from high school, Luke collaborated with his older brother Joel Smallbone to form a band. The duo initially began performing under the band name Austoville in 2007. They later changed the name of their band to Joel Luke and released an EP titled A Tale of Two Towns in 2008.

What do the Smallbone brothers want to be?

Both Smallbone brothers, Luke and Joel, want to be seen as family men, and men of faith. Luke said, ‘Little Drummer Boy’ has become such a thing for us that, if we don’t play it, people are upset!

What is Australia’s answer to Coldplay?

You’d expect a band that had been called “Australia’s answer to Coldplay” by American Songwriter to do 2 things: 1. Massively divide public opinion, and 2. Win a ton of awards. While they’ve yet to inspire the same level of antipathy that Coldplay has, they’ve certainly been doing a good job on number 2.

Who played King Xerxes in Priceless?

Joel began his acting career in 2014, playing King Xerxes in the biblical-drama film, The Book of Esther and Jake Reeson in Like a Country Song, a Christian drama starring, among others, Billie Rae Cyrus and Jennifer Taylor. In 2016, he won his biggest role to date in the romantic drama, Priceless, which, coincidentally, was directed by another Smallbone brother, Ben.

Who are the brothers in King and Country?

If her instincts are right, For King and Country, the Christian pop duo compromising of brothers Luke and Joel Smallbone, are on the right path to glory. The band recently hit the headlines when Parton announced she’d be joining the brothers for a re-mix of the Grammy award-winning “God Only Knows’. If that wasn’t enough, she’ll also be applying …

Did Moriah kiss a boy?

The American Idol judges advice to Moriah that she should ‘kiss a boy” clearly fell on deaf years: as The Music Times reports, despite being together for three years before their marriage, the couple decided to hold off on any physical relationship at all before they made their vows. As a result, their first kiss turned out to be in front of God, a preacher, and all their family and friends. Not intimidating at all, then.

Who is Joel’s sister?

James (now a popular Christian- rock artist) as well as any band that would have them. After high school, they decided to see how far their talents would take them and began performing together under the name Austoville (later to be changed to Joel & Luke, and later still to For God & Country).

Who are Joel and Luke?

After releasing an EP entitled A Tale of Two Towns under the name Joel & Luke, the brothers were signed in 2009 to Warner Music Group. Two-time Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer, Ben Glover, took over as their producer, and under his tutelage, the brothers began to firm up their “sound” and direction.

How much weight did Luke Smallbone lose?

A few years ago, Luke Smallbone of the Christian-music duo For King and Country, battled life-threatening ulcerative colitis. The singer spent months in and out of hospitals, dropped to 125 pounds and tried multiple treatments.

What movie did Luke Smallbone write music for?

For King and Country became Grammy-Award winners and reached No. 13 on Billboard’s top 100. The brothers wrote music for the film Priceless , about human trafficking , in which Joel starred.

Did Smallbone lose sight of joy?

Through it all, the singer and his family never lost sight of joy, Smallbone says.

Who is the little drummer boy on King and Country?

On Dec. 14, For King of Country brings the "Little Drummer Boy Christmas Tour" featuring Zach Williams to the Amalie Arena. "It’s the highlight of our year," Smallbone said of the show that features holiday classics, For King and Country Originals, big lights and Christmas décor. I spoke to Luke Smallbone about the tour and keeping the faith.

Is Christmas just one day?

Really, Christmas isn’t just one day. It’s really until Jan. 1 that we are with family and making family memories. We like to go to a Christmas tree farm and pick out a tree together. There are fires burning in the barrels at the farm and it is really a feel-good experience.

Did Little Drummer Boy sell out?

In Tampa, the Little Drummer Boy tour sold-out but they added more seats to accommodate interest. Does it still surprise you how many people want to see your shows?

Is Leo doing well?

Leo is doing really well. We walked through this journey where he was at an age these are not things he will remember, but he is now such a content happy child. It really has proven to me that the experience of trials can produce strong characteristics of perseverance.

What is the new album of Joel and Luke Smallbone?

Today they talk to us about their new album, Burn the Ships, how they’ve created their own musical legacy, and why it’s so important for them to carve out moments to be still with God.

What happened to Sandi in the 1990s?

Narrator: In the 1990s, Sandi struggled through a public divorce. She talks about reeling from old wounds, and how God has helped her and her family get through this difficult time.

How long has Sandi been in the music industry?

After four decades in the music industry, Sandi talks to us about how she fell in love with music at an early age, what it took for her to discover her voice, both personally and professionally, and why she believes showing up is the first step to having a deeper relationship with God.

Where did Joel and Luke come from?

Joel and Luke are part of a musical legacy, but earning their path to success was certainly not easy. When they were growing up, Joel and Luke’s family of nine immigrated from Australia to the United States after their father got a job in America—and quickly lost it after they arrived.

What does the narrator say about making time for moments in the stillness?

Joel reads a passage from Jesus Calling that talks about the joy we can get from spending time with God.

What did Luke say to Joel?

Joel: Sold everything else. Luke: As soon as we got here, my dad lost that job. And so we were on the other side of the world, no friends no family. We were sleeping on beds made out of clothes, which I remember very well because I couldn’t make the bed very well because it was just clothes.

What did God promise when we came to America?

When we came to America, people loved on us, and loved our family, and took care of our family. We got to see God’s provision. One of the things that I’ve even said nowadays is, one of the things I think God is really good at, He’s good at providing. He promises that.