are libations for a loved one ok in christianity

are libations for a loved one ok in christianity插图

What happens during a Catholic wedding libation?

A prayer or speech is said to honor the elders while the libation is being poured. “During the libation, we honor the wisdom, love, and legacy of our ancestors and esteemed living elders,” says Kirkley. “At its heart, we invite the ancestors and their wisdom to guide the couple as they create their own marriage and legacy.”

What is the meaning of libation in the Bible?

‘Libation’ in the Bible. Jacob set up a pillar in the place where He had spoken with him, a pillar of stone, and he poured out a drink offering on it; he also poured oil on it. and a tenth deal of fine flour, mixed with beaten oil, a fourth part of a hin, and a libation, a fourth part of a hin, of wine, is for the one lamb.

What is the purpose of a prayer during the libation?

A prayer or speech is said to honor the elders while the libation is being poured. “During the libation, we honor the wisdom, love, and legacy of our ancestors and esteemed living elders,” says Kirkley.

What does the Bible say about wine for libation?

and wine for a libation, a fourth of the hin thou dost prepare for the burnt-offering or for a sacrifice, for the one lamb; and wine for a libation, a third part of the hin, thou dost bring near — a sweet fragrance to Jehovah. and wine thou bringest near for a libation, a half of the hin — a fire-offering of sweet fragrance to Jehovah;

When does this happen during the wedding ceremony?

According to Kirkley, the libation ceremony should happen at the beginning of the ceremony. After asking the elders who are present to begin the wedding ceremony, the libation ceremony is conducted. “It shows our reverence for those who came before us and invites their energy to be part of the establishment of the marriage,” she explains.

What liquids are used for the libations ceremony?

Several different liquids are used, including water, liquor, and wine. According to Kirkley, some couples use spirits that are significant to them.

Where are the liquids poured?

If indoors, a live plant is typically used. Sometimes the liquid is poured in the four cardinal directions.

What is the significance of where is it poured?

When the liquid is poured in the cardinal directions, it acknowledges the different qualities of each of these directions and ensures the entire Earth is covered.

What culture is this most prominent in?

The libation ceremony is prominent amongst Black and African people. However, many other cultures use libations to toast to those who passed, usually during the reception.

Why is the libations ceremony important to the Black community?

“We don’t know if our ancestors were Yoruba, Igbo, or some other nation of people, but we do know that our ancestors persevered through the barbed wire of anti-Black racism and created ‘a way out of no way’ for us to live these modern lives that are often beyond our ancestors’ wildest dreams. We feel a sense of gratitude for the sacrifices of our ancestors and a libation ceremony is an ideal way to amplify a Black couple’s gratefulness.”

Has the libations ceremony become more popular over the years?

Kirkley believes it is becoming more popular . In the past, she had to introduce the idea to couples, but now couples are discovering it on their own. Kirkley attributes this to people learning about more wedding ideas and traditions.

What is the closest reconcilable position a Christian might take in relation to some aspects of traditional religious practices?

In my point of view, the nearest reconcilable position a Christian might take in relation to some aspects of traditional religious practices which are glibly described as ’culture’ or ‘traditions’, is -to allow traditionalists to pour their own libation, or to let them do their own thing as Christ says, ‘let the dead bury their own dead’. (Matthew 8:22).

Do traditionalists believe in sacrosanct rituals?

Whilst the traditionalists insist that all their customs and rituals are pristine, sacrosanct, and inviolable and therefore must be rigorously obeyed by members of each community, despite each one’s religious cut, Bible-oriented Christians think otherwise.

Can Christians dance asafo?

Christians can play or dance ‘Asafo’, provided they do not join the group to the ‘Asafo’ company’s fetish shrine for libation pouring and drinking of juju water, or provided they do not drink any alcoholic beverage.

Do Christians sacrifice their doctrines on the altar?

But care must be taken that Christian doctrines are not sacrificed on the altar of traditional religion which often comes by the name ‘culture’. Some half-hearted, biblically ignorant Christians fall into that trap, but they are warned of their ‘accountability’ in life after death!

Is African culture a religion?

In point of fact, our African traditions are an amalgam of religion, superstitions and pure aesthetic culture. And if a discerning Christian is able to perceive the religious and superstitious dross which he should shun, there should be no problem participating in showcasing our cultural heritage.

What were the two libations of the Greeks?

The Greeks had two kinds of libation, spondai and choai. Whereas choai were “poured out entirely and were used for libations to the gods of the underworld, the heroes and the dead,” spondai meant a “controlled outpouring of a small amount of liquid for the Olympian gods,” that liquid usually being wine. This gets us a bit closer to the modern …

What does Hector’s mother say to Zeus?

In Book VI of The Iliad, Hector’s mother tells him “Wait till I fetch you some sweet honeyed wine, first to pour a libation to Zeus and the other gods, and then for your relief if you will drink.” Once more, the idea seems to be “a bit for the gods, or fallen, and the rest for us.”

What does it mean to pour one out?

Just a quick refresher for the uninitiated: pouring one out refers to “the act of pouring liquid (usually an alcoholic beverage) on the ground as a sign of reverence for friends or relatives that have passed away. In most cases, a 40 ounce bottle (see: forty) of liquor is used.”. That’s Urban Dictionary’s definition.

What is the ritual of Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa, which begins on the 26th of this month, incorporates a ritual of libation wherein water is poured out to honor the familiar dead, as well as honor larger communities of African and American ancestry.

When was libation first used in ancient Greece?

A libation being poured at a symposium (Attica red-figure cup, ca. 480 BC ) And, of course, libation was an integral ceremony in Ancient Greece (they were generally pretty big fans of ritual). According to The Encyclopedia of Ancient History, libations “were part of all sacrifices, but could also be performed as independent rituals.”.

Where did the libation come from?

Except, of course, no liquor. One of the oldest instances of pouring one out—technically known as making a libation — comes from Ancient Egypt, where the liquid offering for the dead was typically water (the rhythms of the Nile River being a source of life and death, that seems pretty apt).

Who pours libation by the Danube?

The emperor Trajan pouring a libation by the Danube, pictured on a relief from Trajan’s Column.

What is self sacrifice in nursing home?

Self-sacrifice is required to assume the daily physical care of an incapacitated family member , and the caregiver will not be the only one sacrificing. There is a toll on other family members, too.

Why do people choose to live in a nursing home?

As life expectancy increases, more families are grappling with the issues that arise when their loved ones age . While many families may prefer to take care of their elderly relatives themselves, the care can become overwhelming and they are forced to consider other options. One option in Western culture is the nursing home. Nursing homes exist to give care to adults who are unable to care for themselves. Some people have serious concerns about whether it is right to put someone they love in a nursing home.

What is the first rung of the ladder?

Children and spouses are the first rung of that ladder. Parents are the second rung, and then extended family, such as brothers, sisters, and grandparents. Philippians 2:3 instructs us to “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves.”.

What is the best option for a Western culture?

One option in Western culture is the nursing home. Nursing homes exist to give care to adults who are unable to care for themselves. Some people have serious concerns about whether it is right to put someone they love in a nursing home. Nursing homes differ widely in quality, purpose, and price.

Why did Jesus rebuke the Pharisees?

In Mark 7:9–13, Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for using monetary gifts to God as an excuse to abandon the care of one’s parents. In this rebuke, He assumed that godly children would expect to care for their aging parents, including offering financial support when needed.

Is nursing home care the right choice?

Another factor in deciding whether nursing home care is the right decision is the nature of the relationship with the loved one in question. A beloved grandmother who has given her best years to caring for the family may be better cared for in a relative’s home than would a sour, abusive father whose bitterness affects every home he inhabits. Our responsibility to honor father and mother remains the same, but honor can take many forms ( Matthew 15:4 ). Ideally, adult family members gladly assume the role of caregiver when a relative is unable to care for him- or herself. However, that may not always be possible or even wise. Even though it may not be the family’s first choice, a nursing home can still be a way to honor an incapacitated loved one when giving adequate care at home becomes impossible.

Do churches have retirement homes?

Some church denominations have their own retirement homes for elderly ministers, missionaries, and their spouses. So the question about nursing home care must take into account the level of care needed, the wishes of the loved one, and the quality of the homes considered. One factor that must be considered when looking at nursing homes is God’s …

Why do Christians oppose cremation?

Many Christians oppose cremation because they believe it devalues the body that will be raised on the last day. Of course, they agree that God can raise the body in whatever form it has been cast into the ground or the water or the mountainside.

Can God resurrect ashes?

But whether it’s in the form of a jar of ashes or a casket really depends on the wishes of the family. God can resurrect our bodies miraculously God can resurrect that same body from ashes spread out at sea or somebody who dies at sea and is eaten by sharks.

Is cremation okay?

So a lot of people say “we don’t like those associations” will have nothing to do with it. Other believers say cremation is okay because it preserves the body as much, maybe even more than, burial in a casket.

Can you bury a body by cremation?

If you think you’re dishonoring the body by cremation then don’t do it. If you believe you’re simply burying the body in the form of ashes, you have Christian liberty to make that choice. There’s nothing inherently pagan or disrespectful about it.

Is burial a Christian or pagan?

So the method of burial doesn’t really make it pagan or Christian.