are melissa and alex archbold christians

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Who is Alex Archbold?

Alexander (Alex) Archbold spent many years devoting himself to the film and TV industry beginning in 1996 on the set of Viper.

What happened to Melissa Archbold’s father?

Melissa Archbold’s father Dave Ryning died in his home on April 5. She says he had been experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms but did not go to the hospital. Melissa’s husband, Alex, discovered Ryning’s body a week later. You guys have the choice right now to take this seriously, Melissa said in a video shared on YouTube.

Where does Alexander Archbold make his money?

Alexander Archbold’s income source is mostly from being a successful Location Management. He is from Canada. We have estimated Alexander Archbold’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets. Owner and proprietor of Curiosity Inc., an antiques store in Edmonton Alberta.

What does Alexander Archbold do on his road trips?

Alexander Archbold answers a phone call from a U.S. customer at his Curiosity Inc. general store, 10985 127 St., in Edmonton Thursday Nov. 14, 2019. Photo by David Bloom / Postmedia This is where the adventure comes in. Archbold turns his road trips into shows for Curiosity Inc., his YouTube channel.

How much did Archbold buy his house for?

This didn’t deter Archbold, who bought the house for $20,000 CAD — the equivalent of about $15,000 USD — and got to work, chronicling his vintage finds and renovation efforts in a Youtube series. The house last belonged to a notable Canadian potter who amassed decades of belongings within its walls before moving out in old age. After starting his search, Archbold went on to find artwork, vintage furniture, several pieces of original pottery and even a centuries-old water jug — and posted his discoveries on YouTube the whole way.

Why did Archbold take out a new line of credit?

The pair took out a new line of credit to make good on Archbold’s life-long goal of owning an antique store.

What does Archbold say about the house?

As far as the clutter inside, Archbold says he keeps what he wants, donates what he can and trashes the rest.

How many hours does Archbold work?

Today, Archbold posts videos from inside the house at least once a week, the cumulation of the 18 to 22 hours of work every weekend.

What did Archbold do after leaving the movie industry?

After leaving the film industry in his late 20s, Archbold says he worked various gigs, opening a toy shop with his wife at one point and managing two Apple Stores at another.

Does Archbold sell antiques?

He has already sold some of the home’s antiques though Instagram and Facebook, platforms he says open his sales up to buyers far away from his Edmonton antique shop. Archbold says his store has gotten more attention thanks to the series, too. Last week, a couple from Iowa visited the store, Archbold says, telling him they knew him from YouTube.

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Who is Donald Chester Don?

ARCHBOLD, Donald Chester Don came into the world on July 22, 1951 and departed on August 13, 2018, knowing he was loved by many. His adventurous, caring spirit will live on in the memories of his amazing wife Lynda who shared his life for 42 years and brought him joy daily, his much loved sons Justin and Alexander (Melissa), and his adored grandchildren Jamie, Aaron, Stephen, Jason and Abigail. Don’s brothers and sisters, Gary (Rosalyn), Doug (Cheryl), Maryanne (Charlie), Janice (Rick) and Kerry (Dave), along with his nieces and nephews, have a lifetime of memories to celebrate. From listening to him play his guitar, his gentle care of animals, the tinkering and puttering, to the full-long laugh that came in watching great old comedies, there is so much to miss. His life’s work will be remembered through his national and international contributions in music, video, cinema and 3-D production. Don was fortunate to have numerous friends, from all over the world, and many lifelong friendships that began during his school years that he cherished. At Don’s request, there will be a private family memorial. Condolences can be emailed to [email protected]

Who are Don’s brothers and sisters?

Don’s brothers and sisters, Gary (Rosalyn), Doug (Cheryl), Maryanne (Charlie), Janice (Rick) and Kerry (Dave), along with his nieces and nephews, have a lifetime of memories to celebrate.