are motley crue christians

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After Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle was killed in a drunk-driving accident involving Cre frontman Vince Neil in 1984,the members of Mtley Cre all becameborn-again Christians. Just kidding! But Razzle’s death left the band stunned. Ironically the result of that tension and tragedy was the glam-influenced album Theatre of Pain.

Why is Mötley Crüe so popular?

Its massive global success saw Mtley Cre’s popularity rush to new highs, catapulting the band’s music back to the top of the worldwide charts with the younger 18-44 demographic now representing 64% of the band’s fanbase.

Why did Mötley Crüe stop touring?

On January 28, 2014, Mtley Cre held a press conference at Beacher’s Madhouse Theater in Hollywood, where they announced a final tour. The band became the first to sign a binding legal document known as a cessation of touring contract, preventing them from touring under the na… Read all

Will there ever be another band like Motley Crue?

A significant chunk of the band’s allure came from their off-stage antics, which are almost as legendary as Motley Crue’s greatest songs. It’s entirely possible that there will never be another band quite like them.

How has Mötley Crüe’s the dirt impacted the music industry?

In the six months following the release of THE DIRT, Mtley Cre has celebrated a meteoric rise of almost 350% increase in streams of their music across all streaming platforms.

draper Perspicacious Poster

Alright..they’re doing their big world tour thing and they’ll be stopping through Toronto sometime in February…as far as I know they haven’t toured in a while and probably won’t tour for quite a while after this? Correct me if I am wrong, I’ve only heard vague details…

Breetai For I am not ashamed of the Gospel..

I can pretty much guarantee you that the show will be drinking age only. That’s due to the drinking (duh) and the live strippers on the stage (who will probably also have lots of full on lesbian strap-on sex).

SnoopyDances New Member

hmm Motley Crue huh? although brutaii (apologies if i didnt spell that correctly) mayb be right in some areas, i would say motley crue is an opportunity you shouldn pass up on. however, i have very liberal christian views and most on christian forums probably have much stronger views than me.

draper Perspicacious Poster

Well, I’m not a Christian and I think I’ll be fine with the topless dancers and lesbian sex!

Qy?t27 AMV Editor At Large

I definately want to see this tour when it comes around (doubt I’ll be able to, though). While I’m not a diehard Crüe fan, I do really like the sound, and the opportunity to see a band that legendary doesn’t come around very often.

crashedman Guest

I’d like to see some of the topless girls at the Motley Crue gig have Psalm 139:14 written over the top of ’em without any drugs or alcohol being present at the gig. 😉

MetalBlade Defender of the Faith

As far as I know this is the Crue’s reunion farwell tour. As much as I would like to go, tickets are outrageous!!!! And Motley Crue isn’t one of my favorite bands, but I like them nontheless. My brother and his girlfriend got fifth row. I will make him buy me a tour t-shirt!

What was Ulrich’s reaction to seeing Nikki Sixx?

His immediate reaction was to be all "F*ck Motley Crue," which was a mistake because Sixx came after him without a second thought.

What does Nikki Sixx say about the Rock of Ages?

Nikki Sixx says they feel their legacy is too important to do things only for the money, and that they don’t want to be the group that "were cool once.". One way they’ve demonstrated this unflappable attitude is their deal with the Rock of Ages musical and subsequent movie … or rather, the lack thereof.

What is the core structure of Sixx?

There’s just a core structure that guarantees that important decisions are made and necessary things are taken care of. (In case you’re curious, as the primary songwriter Sixx is the band member with the deciding vote.) Even the sordid book about the band’s chemically fueled antics, The Dirt, was part of the design.

Is Motley Crue a legal contract?

Of course, Motley Crue wouldn’t be Motley Crue if they hadn’t made sure there are loopholes.

Who is Motley Crue’s manager?

Their manager, Allen Kovac, joined the Crue crew in 1994 and jackhammered a formal, structured business attitude in the group.

Who is Vince Neil?

As Ultimate Classic Rock describes, Vince Neil was the first to dip his toes in the side gig pool, leaving the band in 1992 and releasing a solo album a year later. While he did his best to keep the party spirit high as the band proper struggled with murky grunge and misplaced aspirations of growing up, Neil ultimately realized that he was most effective at his day job. According to Loaded Radio, Tommy Lee is not terribly fond of his solo stuff and work with Methods of Mayhem, and even says that solo albums are a waste of time. Nikki Sixx has his Sixx:A.M. supergroup that according to Loudwire may or may not be on a hiatus. Even the elusive Mick Mars has dabbled with solo projects, and though he hasn’t released his album yet, he has said some interesting things about what’s to come. According to Loudwire, the guitar maestro is working on something that’s so different from Motley Crue that it will lose him fans, and he says he intends to keep evolving and reinventing himself.

Is Motley Crue protective of their name?

However, as Blabbermouth describes, Motley Crue appears to be fiercely protective of the way they want people to remember them. Unlike other, more merchandise-driven bands, Crue are quite careful about what they put their name on. Nikki Sixx says they feel their legacy is too important to do things only for the money, and that they don’t want to be the group that "were cool once."