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As Christians,we must work hard to live pure livesand not tolerate sin. We should live like citizens of heaven, children of God and brothers of Jesus. And we look forward to heaven when we will be fully able to live with Jesus in perfect purity.

How can I live a wholesome Christian life?

Be a wholesome Christian. Our lives and appearance should commend the Gospel and make it attractive to others. Live above your circumstances. Don’t let your circumstances get you down. Learn to live graciously within them, realizing the Lord Himself is with you. Guidelines for Christian Living is excerpted from “Peace with God” by Billy Graham, …

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Is God just a part of Your Life?

For a large portion of my Christian life, God was really just a part of my life; he was not everything. I think that is the idea behind Paul’s phrase, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

Are you truly “alive” with Christ’s body?

He was dependent on the people of God and the supply of the Holy Spirit that came through them as they prayed. Are you truly “alive” when you are with Christ’s body? “To live is Christ” means being dependent and confident in his body. If we are not dependent, then we are missing much of the “abundant life” that is in Christ.

What was the theme of the assembly Matthew attended?

That was the teaching of the assembly they attended, where forgiveness of sins was the main theme. “I remember feeling quite relieved, because I wasn’t a particularly obedient child.” However, at the same time, Matthew thought things might become different one day.

What does Matthew say about dishonor?

Matthew was gripped by these verses in 2 Timothy 2:21: “Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter [a vessel for dishonor], he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.”.

What did Matthew hear in the meetings?

In meetings Matthew heard testimonies from men and women about their faith and their battle s. Through listening to them, the Spirit also worked in him. “That what the others spoke about was also relevant to me and my life. The Spirit began pointing out things in my own life that I had to put off, and change.”

What doctrine did Matthew preach?

At church Matthew heard the doctrine of “Once saved, always saved” preached, which made dealing with sin almost irrelevant. But he came to realize that the Bible had a different message: “There are so many words in the Bible about having to strive to enter the kingdom of heaven.”.

What is the most valuable thing I can give?

The most valuable thing I can give, is evidence that this life is real, it is possible to live a life of complete victory over sin—an overcoming life . We have the church that is full of examples and testimonies of living according to the life Jesus made for us, the new and living way.

What age was Matthew baptized?

When Matthew was baptized at the age of twelve or thirteen, he thought the day of transformation had come. He looked forward to being able to put on a new life—the life of Jesus—through baptism, just as he had been told. For him it was like putting on a new jacket that said, ‘I no longer live for myself, but for Christ’.

How old was Matthew when he cried out to God?

At the age of 15 , living a pure life became increasingly important for him. “I cried out to God for help!”. Matthew had a powerful conversion, and spent many hours reading God’s word and praying when he was alone. These became powerful spiritual weapons for him.

Why is Pure Living For Life Fake?

Jesse has been mentioning how he is unable to cope with any form of criticism. He always feels like people are trying to make a personal attack and eventually shows his severe anger issues.

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What do Alyssa and Jesse do?

Alyssa and Jesse, at a point in their life, risked everything, but the best part is that they achieved a lot from it. Gardening, hiking, photography, rock climbing, cooking, and videography are what they love as a couple.

How long did it take for the YouTube channel to highlight the homesteading journey?

The YouTube channel highlighted the homesteading journey during the first year they built their home without incurring debt. The number of fans that they acquired earned them a lot of income.

Who is Alyssa Craft’s husband?

Pure Living For Life relationship status suggests that Alyssa Craft and Jesse Stafford are a couple. The Alyssa Craft husband is Jesse Stafford. The Jesse Stafford wife is Alyssa Craft. They have been sharing the vlogs of their life for a long time.

Who is Alyssa Craft?

Before fame, Jesse had been the owner of the carpet cleaning business, Cleaning Heroes. On the other hand, Alyssa was a freelance graphic artist. Blog, by Jesse & Alyssa, mention how in 2015 they quit lives in the city, bought in the countryside the five acres of land in and are both building a home.

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What does the Bible say about growing?

In 2 Peter 3:18, the Bible says that we are to grow. It implies steady development, constant enlargement, increasing wisdom. For one to grow properly certain rules must be observed for good spiritual health. Read your Bible daily. Do not be content to skim through a chapter merely to satisfy your conscience.

What is the secret of prayer?

Learn the secret of prayer. Prayer is communicating. Every prayer that you pray will be answered. Sometimes that answer may be “Yes” and sometimes “No,” and sometimes it is “Wait,” but nevertheless it will be answered. Rely constantly on the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean when you are born again?

When you were born again, you were born into God’s family. It is God’s purpose that you will grow into fill stature and become mature in Christ. It would be against the law of God and nature if you were to remain a baby and thus become a spiritual dwarf. In 2 Peter 3:18, the Bible says that we are to grow.

What does the Bible say about being born again?

The Bible teaches that the Christian life is one of constant growth. When you were born again, you were born into God’s family.

What is the book Peace with God about?

This classic volume by Billy Graham points to the fact that God is the only way to find authentic personal peace in a world in crisis. Whether we are playing a game, driving a car, or baking a cake, there are certain rules that must be followed for our safety as well as …

What does the Holy Spirit pray for us?

We know that the Holy Spirit prays for us (Romans 8), and what a comfort that should be to the weakest of us. Stand aside and let Him take over all the choices and decisions of your life. Attend church regularly. The visible church is Christ’s organization upon earth.

How to be a witnessing Christian?

We witness in two ways: by life and by word – and the two, where possible, should go hand in hand. Let love be the ruling principle of your life. Jesus said to those who followed Him, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:35).

How to live for Christ?

In order to really live for Christ, we must focus on discipleship. Christ discipled others and so must we, as we follow him.

What does Paul say in verse 21?

Paul says in verse 21 that his hope is that Christ will be glorified in his body by life or by death.

Why don’t Christians view death as gain?

Many Christians don’t view death as gain because they don’t realize that what is waiting for them on the other side is so much better than life here. When Christ calls them to store up riches in heaven instead of on this earth ( Matt 6:19) that doesn’t motivate them much because they think their job, career, car, house, and X-box are really what life is all about. Your view of the end affects how you live now. In 1 Corinthians 15:32, Paul said, “If the dead are not raised, why not eat, drink for tomorrow we die?” If there is no resurrection and no heaven to look forward to, why not live life for pleasure like everybody else? But if there is a resurrection and eternity, then it should constantly affect how we live. This is why Paul viewed death as gain and also why he chose to daily live for Christ. In fact, we can learn a lot more about his view of eternity by his use of the word “depart” to describe death. The Greek word for “depart” is a very rich word picture which teaches us a great deal about how we should view death and eternity.

Why is it important to live for Christ?

It is for this reason that living for Christ is so important because the world and many Christians miss out on seeing Christ and truly knowing his magnificence. One of the ways that people see Christ and know how big and great he is by looking at the lives of those who are truly living for him. Their life is not about comfort; it is not about wealth or prestige; it is all about magnifying Christ’s name and helping people come to know him more. That should be our passion and our desire in life—to make him known.

What does Paul mean by "to live is Christ and to die is gain"?

I think that is the idea behind Paul’s phrase, “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”. Paul was saying that Christ was everything to him. For many Christians, they know this verse by heart, but they don’t know it by practice. Like myself as a young Christian, Christ is not their life. Life is school.

Why can’t we say we don’t need one another?

We cannot say that we don’t need one another because we do, and this need is often augmented in difficult times. When a person is blind, the rest of the senses in the body become stronger; the hearing and the touch become more acute in order to navigate the various aspects of life. This was true of Paul in prison. The Philippians not only sent Epaphras to care for and support him financially, but most importantly, they supported him through constant prayer.

What does Jesus say about suffering?

Jesus Christ prayed, “Take this cup of suffering from me, but nevertheless your will be done” ( Luke 22:42, paraphrase). He said, “If there is any other way to save the world other than being separated from you, then do it, but your will be done. I entrust my life to you—trusting your will is best.”.