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What do Quakers believe about Jesus?

Jesus Christ: While Quakers beliefs say that God is revealed in Jesus Christ, most Friends are more concerned with emulating Jesus’ life and obeying his commands than with the theology of salvation. Sin: Unlike other Christian denominations, Quakers believe that humans are inherently good.

How did the Quakers feel about religion?

Quakers seek religious truth in inner experience, and place great reliance on conscience as the basis of morality. They emphasise direct experience of God rather than ritual and ceremony. They believe that priests and rituals are an unnecessary obstruction between the believer and God. Quakers integrate religion and everyday life.

What are some of Quakers beliefs?

In its simplest form, Quakers are very similar to Unitarians and believe that the light of god is in all humanity and in equal – even full measure. There’s no doctrinal hierarchy all people reveal the truth and light of god, all people are prophets of god and the faith is intrinsically pacifist.

Can a Quaker be a nationalist?

Using the metaphor of a holy nation, a Jerusalem for the faithful, Quakers were able to build a truly international faith, despite intense pressures to conform in an age of militant nationalism. Thomas Clarkson, who worked closely with Quakers to ban the slave trade in England, wrote, “the Quakers differ more than even many foreigners do from their own countrymen.”

What is the issue of Quakerism?

The issue of whether Quakerism should be inclusive or exclusive—conventionally Christian or faithful to the Inward Light —has long been a divisive one among American Quakers. In the 1820s, the split between Orthodox and Hicksite Friends was partly over power—rural Friends felt that wealthy Philadelphia Friends were lording it over them. Urban Friends felt that the rural Friends were out of touch with what was happening in the cities. The Orthodox wanted to become involved in Bible societies and other outreach efforts, like mainstream Christians. Followers of Elias Hicks, a rural Friend from Long Island, wanted to stick with traditional Quaker doctrines, such as the Inward Light, which seemed strange to mainstream Christians. Elias Hicks was an extremely charismatic and popular preacher who travelled all over the United States and drew huge crowds, including many non-Quakers. (The poet Walt Whitman was a big fan of Hicks and you can see glimpses of Hicksite Quakerism in Leaves of Grass .)

How many Quakers are there in Kenya?

Kenya alone has 133,000 Quakers, far more than the 50,000 unprogrammed Friends in the United States and Britain. Two years ago, I felt a leading to reach out to Evangelical Quakers. This came about when I heard the theologian Marcus Borg speak at the Friends General Conference gathering.

What did Hicks say about the Bible?

Hicks argued that that it is the Holy Spirit, not the Bible, that makes you a “real Christian.”

Why did the Evangelical Friends of Rwanda start Friends Peace House?

For example, Evangelical Friends in Rwanda founded Friends Peace House in 2000 because of the genocide that took place in 1994 in which an estimated 800,000 people, about 20 percent of the total population, were killed. The surviving Rwandese were traumatized and destabilized. The young Friends Church of Rwanda, founded only eight years previously, accepted the challenge this posed, and has taken an active part in the rehabilitation of Rwandese society ever since.

What did the Orthodox want?

The Orthodox wanted to become involved in Bible societies and other outreach efforts, like mainstream Christians. Followers of Elias Hicks, a rural Friend from Long Island, wanted to stick with traditional Quaker doctrines, such as the Inward Light, which seemed strange to mainstream Christians.

Where would there be no Quakers?

This theological diversity has enriched Quakerism in many ways—indeed, there would probably be no Quakers in South America, Africa, and Asia if it were not for splits that led to Quaker missionary efforts—but this complex history has also led to questions that many Friends struggle with.

What does Jill believe?

She is an Evangelical Christian who defies media stereotypes. She believes passionately in the Bible as the Word of God and Jesus Christ as her savior , and she also believes passionately in social justice and peace.

What is sin in Quakers?

To many Quakers, ‘sin’ is merely a vestigial remain within a man which can be removed by doing good. Satan is said to be a figment of the imagination and Jesus Christ is said to have been just a very good man. With this as a basis, there is no need to repent either!

Why is the Bible important to Quakers?

Any ‘uplifting’ piece of literature will do, even that of a pagan Roman emperor known for his savagery against early Christians! Modern Quakers specialise in doing good works and encouraging peace initiatives. This they see as of vital importance.

Is Quakerism a Christian religion?

With that in mind: are Quakers Christians? If they are not, then Quakerism is a cult and Quakers are cult members. Quakers are usually represented on major Christian committees, but that is no guarantee of their Christian status. In this brief paper, we will show that mainstream Quakerism is not Christian, but is a cult. (There are other forms of Quakerism, which claim to be Christian and which would disassociate themselves from the Quaker beliefs mentioned here. Notably, thus far, they all appear to preach the heresy of Arminianism, calling their stance ‘Biblical’, so their cultism is equal. They would also not accept the doubts expressed in this paper).

What happens if you are not born again?

If a man is not born again, then he is spiritually dead in sin and cannot receive a spiritual light until he is born again, and even Christians are exhorted to try the spirits to see if they are of God.

Is Quakerism evil?

Thus, for a saved person to be a part of Quakerism (or any other cult) which, by definition, is predominantly evil, is to oppose God’s commands. There is no reason whatever for a Believer to be known by any other names than those found in scripture e.g. ‘Believer’ or ‘Christian’ … for any other title is superfluous.

Is Quakerism a foe of Jesus?

In a very real sense, then, the movement / denomination of ‘Quakerism’ is a foe of the Gospel and of Jesus Christ, whether ‘official’ or Arminian. Do not be misled by its outward show of goodness. As for genuine Believers in the Quaker camp – they must come out from it! There is no alternative for a Believer.

Do Quakers need to repent?

With this as a basis, there is no need to repent either! If we do not sin, then what is there to repent of? As for the Bible, well, individual Quakers may take it or leave it. However, some Quakers may, if they wish, read certain texts at their meetings, just for ‘inspiration’. The Bible is viewed as merely one of many books of inspiration. Any ‘uplifting’ piece of literature will do, even that of a pagan Roman emperor known for his savagery against early Christians!

What did Lloyd Lee Wilson say about the Quakers?

Lloyd Lee Wilson: I think Quakers remind the rest of Christianity that words are insufficient, that there is something beyond words, something beyond intellectual constructs that is there and is vital about this Christ who lived 2,000 years ago and who we say we encounter today in our worship and in our silent meditation and in our relationship with the divine.

Is Quakerism rooted in Christianity?

Mark Wutka: I would say from its beginning, Quakerism was rooted in Christianity but it wasn’t necessarily the same kind of Christianity that was surrounding it. I would say one of the distinctives is that Quakerism tended to take external things and understand them from an internal perspective.

Is Lloyd Lee Wilson a Christian?

Lloyd Lee Wilson: Are Quakers Christian? Many Quakers are Christian. Worldwide, most Quakers are Christian. I’m a Christian. I’m a Christian today because there was a place for me in the Religious Society of Friends when I wasn’t a Christian.

Who directed QuakerSpeak?

Jon Watts launched and directed the QuakerSpeak project for its first 6 seasons. Keep up to date with Jon’s work at his website.

Is Jade Souza a Christian?

Jade Souza: I am a Christ-centered Friend, as we tend to call ourselves, or a Christian. It’s fine to call me Christian. I guess my question back is: why is it important for some people that you call yourself Christian when that’s a word that never crossed Jesus’s lips? I think the word Christian is really a worldly term. It’s a contemporary term that has a social meaning and can mean a lot of different things to different people.

Is Lisa Motz-Storey a Christian?

Lisa Motz-Storey: My practice is definitely Christian. But it doesn’t mean that I feel like Christianity is the only way. It’s our history as Quakers, too. George Fox would have answered, “Yes” to that question and everybody else.

What does it even mean to be Christian in the world?

It also means living each day as if it is the last day of our lives and keeping the kingdom priorities of entering a new earth that is without suffering, sorrow, and death. This way, we will always be reminded to act justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8), knowing that our work will be shown for what it is because the Day will bring it to light. It will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test the quality of each person’s work (1 Corinthians 3:13).

What did the prophets of the Old Testament say about religion?

Many prophets of the Old Testament such as Isaiah, Ezekiel, Amos, and Jeremiah prophesied against religiosity in Israel. Chapters 1–39 of Isaiah speak about the consequences of complacency. Many Christians today, including Christian Friends, tolerate complacency and practice the opposite of love, peace, equality of all, justice, integrity, community, and simplicity—the very core values that should be reflecting in their lives. We need to revisit the foundation of our faith, and practice what is rooted in our Lord Jesus Christ, our Inward Light.

When did Quakerism begin?

T he origins of Quakerism were the seventeenth century , a time when people were seeking to make sense of their faith in Christ. My grandparents from both sides were Quakers, as were my parents and most of my siblings.

Did Quakers suffer for being Christians?

Many early Quakers suffered for being Christians, just as Christ suffered for being Christ. Even though much of the suffering that human Christians go through may not compare to those of Christ, it is still painful.

Who is Margaret Namubuya?

Margaret Namubuya Amudavi has a degree in theology from Friends Theological College (FTC) and in Christian education from Kenya Highlands Bible College. She has a master’s in development studies from St. Paul’s University in Limuru, Kenya. She has served FTC as a teacher and academic dean.

Can we make a difference in the lives of people?

We can make a difference in the lives of people.

What did the Quakers believe about the Sacraments?

Some conservative meetings are divided over the issue of homosexuality. 5. Sacraments: Most Quakers believe that how a person lives their life is a sacrament, and that formal observances are not necessary.

What is a Quaker meeting?

Meetings: Quaker meetings, or a meeting of friends , may differ considerably, based on whether the individual group is liberal or conservative. Because of this there are basically two types of Quaker meetings. Meetings of meditation are mostly silent, with expectant waiting for an answer of some sort from the Holy Spirit.

What is a pastoral meeting?

Pastoral meetings can be much like an evangelical Protestant worship service, with prayer, readings from the Bible, hymns, music, and a sermon. Some branches of Quakerism have pastors, others do not. 2. Personal Communication: In order to communicate with each other and with God, Quakers often sit in a circle or square.

What do Quakers believe?

3. Continuing Revelation: Most Friends believe in the religious belief that truth is continuously revealed to individuals directly from God. Quakers are taught that Christ comes to teach the people himself. Friends often focus on trying to hear God.

How do Quakers communicate with each other?

Personal Communication: In order to communicate with each other and with God, Quakers often sit in a circle or square. This allows people to see and be aware of each other, but no single person is raised in status above the others.

Which denominations believe in the Trinity?

Of all of the Protestant Christian denominations, that of Quakers is probably set apart the most. Friends, as they call themselves, believe in the Trinity of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit like other Christians, but the roles that each person plays varies widely among Quakers.

Is meditation silent?

Meetings of meditation are mostly silent, with expectant waiting for an answer of some sort from the Holy Spirit. SPECIAL: Prayer Changes Your Brain in 4 Amazing Ways. Individuals may speak in these meetings if they feel led to do so.

What Is a Quaker?

Quakerism continued to spread across Britain during the 1650s, and by 1660 there were around 50,000 Quakers, according to some estimates.

Why did the Quakers not take oaths?

Central to their beliefs was the idea that everyone had the Light of Christ within them.

Why did the Quakers create schools?

The Quakers took up the cause of protecting Native Americans ’ rights, creating schools and adoption centers. Relations between the two groups weren’t always friendly, however, as many Quakers insisted upon Native American assimilation into Western culture. Quakers were also early abolitionists.

What were the Quakers ordered to do?

Quakers were also early abolitionists. In 1758, Quakers in Philadelphia were ordered to stop buying and selling slaves. By the 1780s, all Quakers were barred from owning slaves.

What is the Shakers group?

The Shakers are another religious group with whom the Friends are sometimes mistaken for. The Shakers (officially the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance) were founded in England in the 18th century.

Why did William Penn get a land grant?

In 1681, King Charles II gave William Penn, a wealthy English Quaker, a large land grant in America to pay off a debt owed to his family. Penn, who had been jailed multiple times for his Quaker beliefs, went on to found Pennsylvania as a sanctuary for religious freedom and tolerance.

How many presidents have been Quakers?

To date, two U.S. presidents have been Quakers: Herbert Hoover and Richard M. Nixon.

Why was the Quaker name given to the Quakers?

According to Fox, Bennet "was the first that called us Quakers, because I made them tremble at the word of the Lord". Therefore, the name Quaker started as a way of mocking Fox’s warning but became generally accepted and used by some Quakers in self-reference.

What was the role of women in the Quakers?

In the mid 17th century, special Quaker women foretold and preached publicly, emerging charismatic personas and growing the Quakerism movement. This work was supported by the movement’s strong notion of spiritual equality for men and women.

What were the major factors that drove Quakers to re-enter the mission realm?

These two factors drove Quakers (and many other denominations) to re-enter the mission realm. All three Missionary focuses utilized – Friends traveled with their Bibles to new lands, growing their Quaker faith, traveling ministers commonly visited new and well-established meetings, and schools were set up at numerous missions. Missionary destinations included Australia, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Why were Quakers deemed heretics?

They were deemed heretics because of their emphasis on personal submission to the Inner Light. They were jailed and exiled by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1660, English Quaker Mary Dyer was killed on the Boston Common for frequently defying a Puritan rule forbidding Quakers from the colony.

What are the focuses of Quaker missionaries?

Quaker Missionary activity over the centuries has had three focuses – (1) spreading the Quaker message to non-Friends (2) visiting and strengthening existing Friends, and (3) service with education, health, etc. in relation to Friends’ missions.

Which colonies allowed Quakers to live in the New England colonies?

The three colonies that permitted Quakers at this time were West Jersey, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. 3. Quaker Missionaries.

How many presidents have been Quakers?

So far, two U.S. presidents have been Quakers: Herbert Hoover and Richard M. Nixon.

What is a Quaker community?

Today, Quakers are a worldwide, global community of people who are diverse in every way, include what they believe and practice. There are a variety of Quaker Faith and Practices online that give a much deeper perspective on this question. Here are just a couple:

What is the book of faith and practice?

For Friends who come out of the Orthodox tradition in American Quakerism, that which in doctrine is closer to evangelical Protestantism, the book of faith and practice is not only a book of business guidelines, but it also contains a number of statements about what Friends believe, statements that it is expected you are accepting as a statement of your personal belief when you become a part of that yearly meeting.

What does it mean to worship with Quakers?

Nurture the Life of the Spirit – Quakers believe that the meeting for worship is essential. Anyone can worship on their own, but for Friends the gathered community worshipping together is a critical component to what it means to nurture the life of the Spirit . See Silence and Worship.

When did Quaker books start?

Books of Quaker faith and practice originated in the 17th century when yearly meetings (the highest authority among Friends) began making decisions about what was acceptable Quaker behavior. Some of these decisions were rules that just about all churches at the time would have embraced: it’s unacceptable to get drunk, it’s unacceptable to commit adultery, it’s unacceptable to steal something from someone else.

Is Thomas Hamm a good source?

I generally find Thomas Hamm to be an excellent source on Quakerism. I think it would be useful to mention that some F&Ps are intended to be descriptive rather than prescriptive in many unprogrammed YMs (excepting most big “C” Conservative YMs). Illinois Yearly Meeting just finished a 27 year process of writing a new F&P and it is descriptive of what we do with some guidelines for our mostly bottom up polity.

Is Quaker Life and Practice a good book?

the recent book of Quaker Life and Practice is not as good as the latest Faith and Practice reprinted in 1972. the older book was a classic it included Human Relations in well composed format it included James Whitier great poetry and most of all it included the Peace Statement opposing damaging wars that ruined human beings, undermined world economies and laid waste to clean air, water and the enviroment.

Do friends have a book of faith?

Almost every yearly meeting of Friends in the world today has a book of faith and practice. As friends around the world today are diverse, you will find considerable diversity in books of faith and practice.