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Now, Rhettand Linkgot their start as a Christiancomedy duo when they lived in North Carolina. However, as their brand grew, they got rich, moved to Los Angeles, became liberals(of course), and left the faith. At least that’s the story many Evangelicals are telling.

What do you think about Rhett and Link’s deconstruction of Christianity?

That being said, here are a few observations to look at and some red flags that popped up along the way as I listened to Rhett and Link’s deconstruction journey. 1. Rhett and Link’s collective spiritual deconstruction isn’t ultimately a deconstruction of the Christian faith but of Christian subculture.

What is it about Thomas Rhett and Thomas link?

Rhett and Link’s collective spiritual deconstruction isn’t ultimately a deconstruction of the Christian faith but of Christian subculture. Both guys were raised in an environment that assumed Christianity as a part of the culture, and ultimately that did them a grave disservice. At one point, Rhett asked a very good question.

What happened to Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal?

Celebrity YouTubers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have caused a few waves following their collective decision to abandon the Christian faith. The two men, known for their daily “Good Mythical Morning” broadcast, have, over the last few years, gone through what they have described as their “spiritual deconstruction [s].”

Did Rhett trade in Christianity for postmodernity?

To the careful observer, it’s evident that Rhett has traded in one worldview for another: Christianity for postmodernity, with all its skepticism, denial of absolutes, and relativism. There’s one thing I respect about the deconstruction stories of Rhett and Link.

What is the podcast of Rhett and Link?

For example, in one of their recent podcasts, they wondered whether they’d be friends if they met as adults. Their podcast tackles eclectic topics such as pop culture, personal tales, and offbeat stories. As a description on their website reads, "Ear Biscuits is Rhett & Link’s weekly podcast where life long friends talk about life for a long time."

What is Rhett and Link’s Buddy System?

As a creative team, Rhett and Link have consistently pushed their limits instead of sticking to their comfort zone, a fact that has helped them immensely. For example, in 2016, they worked on a scripted television show called Rhett & Link’s Buddy System that saw the pair act in a bid to entertain their viewers. On the show, the two comedians play themselves and are put in a tough spot when a mutual ex-girlfriend gets her hands on Link’s lost phone. She uses the opportunity to her advantage and promotes her own products on the pair’s successful channel (via Variety ).

What did Rhett and Link do?

Rhett ended up getting a degree in civil engineering, while Link pursued industrial engineering. In terms of how their education helped them later in life, Rhett explained that they approach their work as problems to solve. Basically, even though they’re in a creative field, they’ve not drastically changed their work ethic and still maintain a technical approach while coming up with creative ideas.

How did Rhett and Link work together?

Rhett and Link, like other entertainers, were affected by the coronavirus pandemic and had to rethink their strategy as they worked on strategies to keep their show going. They figured out how to work together and brainstormed over producing content while being physically apart. In an interview with CNET, the duo explained how they continued working as they coped with the ups and downs of being isolated. One of the major things that they realized was that while helping out their kids with distance learning, it was important to find ways to stay afloat.

How much money do Rhett and Link make?

It must be said that over the years, they surpassed their own expectations. The duo was believed to be making as much as $17.5 million every year, as of June 2020.

How long have Rhett and Link been together?

Rhett and Link’s association is an old one. As explained by CNET, their bond has held strong for over 30 years. They first met as first-graders in school, where they connected over their love for creating new things.

When did Rhett and Link start their YouTube channel?

Their YouTube channel was founded in 2006, when the duo spotted how popular the videos on their website were.

What does Rhett say about life on earth?

Rhett echoed that he’s more interested in what happens during his life on earth: “It’s not so much what happens after you die, but what happens while you’re alive.”. Demas traded eternal hope for earthly treasure. Rhett echoed that he’s more interested in what happens during his life on earth.

How many books did Rhett read?

When Rhett says he’s read all the Ravi Zacharias books and found them uncompelling, the church kid probably won’t even bother with more than 30 books, containing decades worth of complex and carefully thought-out arguments that have been tested by time, debate, and rigorous scholarship.

What book did Neil Postman write about the future?

Around the time I was nursing a wounded ego for being stood up by the Ricky Schroder fan club, Neil Postman made a prediction in his 1985 book, Amusing Ourselves to Death. Postman posited that in the future, we would be oppressed not by an outside force like “Big Brother” in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

What did Rhett say about Christianity?

After poking holes in Christianity, Rhett offered no plausible alternative to explain reality. When he jumped the Christian ship, he didn’t jump into another boat , but into a “sea of uncertainty.” His Christianity has been replaced with what he calls “openness and curiosity.” He describes how liberating it’s been to let go of the “appetite for certainty.” To the careful observer, it’s evident that Rhett has traded in one worldview for another: Christianity for postmodernity, with all its skepticism, denial of absolutes, and relativism.

What questions did Rhett and Link ask?

For Rhett, it started with questions relating to science, the age of the earth, and evolution. It morphed into doubts surrounding biblical reliability, the historicity of the resurrection, and the general idea of hell and judgment. But as both Rhett and Link recounted, there was something brewing underneath the intellectual questions.

What is the sad reality of deconversion?

The sad reality is that, for the deconverted, disbelief isn’t sufficient . These apostles of unbelief are on a mission to help others deconstruct with the same evangelistic zeal they learned from their previous tribe. But as Christians we should be encouraged to remember that for every Rhett and Link, there’s a Lee Strobel, a J. Warner Wallace, a Holly Ordway, a C. S. Lewis, and a Rosaria Butterfield who tested their beliefs against the evidence, and found their atheism wanting. With the help of the Holy Spirit, they became convinced that Christianity is true as they gazed deeply at Christ’s beauty. They loved not the things of the world, but repented of their sin and put all their hope and trust in him. Christians today must be ready to provide a compelling defense for Christ—and even play some offense —as we demonstrate an alternative story to deconversion.

What does the fragrance of Christ’s knowledge of himself smell like?

To some, it smells like beauty and life; to others, it smells like death.

What is strange about Rhett and Link?

Here’s what is strange: Rhett and Link are admittedly confused about life’s biggest questions. Yet it appears that they are more at peace than ever.

Can agnosticism match faith?

Sadly, a hopeful agnosticism can’t match the hopefulness of a faithful faith, no matter the relief it brings.

Did Link Neal and Rhett McLaughlin leave Christianity?

Popular YouTubers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have publicly announced that they have left Christianity and landed in agnosticism.

Is LGBTQ+ lifestyle immoral?

There is nothing immoral about LGBTQ+ lifestyles.

How Should Christians Respond?

These stories seem to be becoming the norm. As Rhett & Link’s spiritual deconstructions have shown, these accounts usually begin by questioning creation and God ’s Word or biblical authority. How should Christians respond to these issues, and how should parents discuss them with children?

Why do Evolutionists say shared ERVs prove evolution to be true?

Evolutionists will say that shared ERVs prove evolution to be true because of common ancestry and that common ancestry assumes that there will be shared ERVs. Making such a claim is silly because this kind of circular reasoning is unsupported by any outside information. 25

What is the centromere of a chromosome?

Centromeres are composed of specific DNA sequences near the center of a chromosome and, therefore, if two chromosomes fused, two centromeres should be found. Evolutionists proposed an “inactive centromere” in human chromosome 2 that is many times smaller (1/10 th of the size) than a centromere should be. 20 An active gene is again found in this “centromere,” expressed in brain and reproductive organs. 21 Centromeres do not contain genes.

What are telomeres made of?

Telomeres are made from a repeating sequence , GGGATT, repeated thousands of times. 18 Evolutionists believe that two telomeres fused end-to-end to combine two chromosomes into one. If true, the telomere sequence should be repeated hundreds of thousands of times near the middle of human chromosome 2, but it only repeats several hundred times. Additionally, scientists have found an active gene at the supposed “fusion” site, expressed in over 255 tissue and cell types. 19 Telomeres never contain genes and, in fact, serve to prevent chromosomes from sticking together (similar to opposite poles of a magnet).

How to pray for Rhett and Link?

Pray for all like Rhett & Link. Pray that they do not stop seeking, that they find real answers and return to the truth of God ’s Word. Pray that you and your family and your church would remain steadfast on the Word of God. Pray for strength and courage as you encounter —and answer—those of the world.

How many subscribers does Rhett and Link have?

Rhett & Link’s varied exposure has allowed them to reach a diverse audience of over 72 million subscriptions and 23 billion views on YouTube.

What was Rhett’s deconstruction?

Rhett’s deconstruction was one of intellectual questioning: questioning that began in Genesis. Rhett began to question the creation account and to find irreconcilable differences between the Bible’s account and the “research” of mainstream science. Through the podcast, Rhett specifically mentioned four “proofs” that he found particularly convincing. 16

Who is Ray Comfort?

Ray Comfort. Ray Comfort is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the bestselling author of more than 90 books, including God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, How to Know God Exists, and The Evidence Bible. He cohosts the award-winning television program Way of the Master, airing in every country in the world, …

Who are Rhett and Link?

Rhett and Link, extremely well-known YouTubers , recently posted videos talking about how they left the faith. Ray Comfort explains the reason why this happens so often with those who used to believe in Christianity.

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What is Patheos’s view?

Patheos Explore the world’s faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world.

What are the benefits of blogging?

ETA: if you prefer short missives only, stick with Twitter. One of the great benefits of blogs is that it gives us the opportunity to read about something in depth.

What are the turning points in Rhett’s deconversion story?

As with most former evangelicals (henceforth “ex-vangelicals”), the majority of key turning points in Rhett’s deconversion story coincide with changes in his relationship to the Bible, and to his own tradition’s reading of it.

Why did GMM move their podcast to a separate channel?

Last month, the GMM duo moved one of their podcasts, Ear Biscuits, to a separate channel in order to devote that space to an increasingly personal line of conversations about what led them to leave their faith and look for new sources of meaning and inspiration in the world in which they find themselves.

Where did Rhett and Link meet?

Rhett and Link met each other way back in Elementary school in North Carolina and they’ve stuck together into adulthood, at one time passing through a ministry phase as full-time staffers with Campus Crusade (now called Cru ). While their degrees and first jobs were in engineering, funny video production ultimately became their claim to fame.

Did Rhett believe in the Young Earth view?

Minor correction; Rhett says he never believed a Young Earth view, and it was the fact that the Young Earth view existed that led to him questioning the Old Earth Creationism he believed in.

Is apologetics written for the lost?

The same goes for apologetics in general, doesn’t it? Apologetics books aren’t written for “the lost,” they’re written for the “saved.” They exist to collect dust on the shelves of believers who will now sleep better knowing that someone took the time to think through all that stuff long enough to get it down into print.

How Should Christian Communities Respond?

That being said, a recovery of faith is by no means the inevitable outcome. Much depends on the support seekers receive from Christian communities and elsewhere.

What is Rhett and Link?

Rhett and Link are goofballs and, as millions of listeners have discovered, very entertaining goofballs . In 2013, the two childhood friends allowed the wider public to start listening in on their shenanigans when they launched their “Ear Biscuits” podcast, which debuted at number 22 on the iTunes charts.

What does Rhett and Link think of the Old Order?

While Rhett and Link spend some time talking about their post-Christian lives in the deconstruction episodes, they devote the lion’s share of the time to looking back on the life and belief system they left behind. It is clear that they now think that belief system to be naïve.

How do lay communities help Catholics?

Small communities fostered by lay ecclesial movements offer another venue for Catholics to support one another in a critical exploration of faith. For example, it is the practice of members of the Communion and Liberation movement to meet weekly in small groups to verify the truth of the Gospel in their lived experience, following the method of the movement’s founder, Msgr. Luigi Giussani. In these small communities, members engage Catholic teaching with seriousness and respect in an atmosphere in which critical questioning is not merely tolerated but expected. In these meetings, it is not uncommon to hear stories of members who grew critical or drifted away from the church but later returned. Hearing such stories of return—stories that embody the same depth of authenticity and brutal honesty exemplified in Rhett and Link’s stories, some of them touching upon the very same issues—is crucial for smoothing out a path back toward reintegration within the Christian community.

How has social media sped others down the path?

These public deconstructions have provided a narrative that smoothes the path for disaffected Christians to follow, and social media has sped others down that path by providing safe spaces where seekers can express their doubts and questions in a way that many feel is impossible in their church communities. Some of the most prominent of these include the closed Facebook group Love Heretic and podcasts like Nomad and The Deconstructionists. As more people empty out of churches, many are flocking to these digital safe havens.

How many subscribers does ear biscuits have?

Watching “Ear Biscuits” is like sitting around with your best friends, often laughing so hard your sides hurt. With over 16 million subscribers, these YouTubers have clearly connected with their audience. Earlier this year they took that connection to a deeper and unexpected place.

What is post critical thinking?

Beyond criticism, there emerges a “post-critical” form of consciousness in which one arrives at a new appreciation for religious meanings. In contrast with the naïve belief of the first phase, post-critical thinkers do not blindly accept the beliefs of their community.

What is the collective spiritual deconstruction of Rhett and Link?

1. Rhett and Link’s collective spiritual deconstruction isn’t ultima tely a deconstruction of the Christian faith but of Christian subculture. Both guys were raised in an environment that assumed Christianity as a part of the culture, and ultimately that did them a grave disservice. At one point, Rhett asked a very good question.

What is the show that Rhett and Link created?

They created a daily show called Good Mythical Morning that currently boasts 16.2 million subscribers.

How much is Rhett and Link worth?

But now that they’ve “made it” and are basically immune from marginalization or lack of “success” as a comedy duo that has a net worth of $23 million, coming out as hopeful agnostics is easy. Now it’s painless if you make all the Christian fans mad because there’s really nothing that can hurt them. Rhett and Link said they were never comfortable talking about their faith in Jesus back then, but they’re very comfortable talking about how they’re not followers of Jesus now? What’s that tell someone like me?

What culture has made Rhett and Link professionals at protecting themselves?

Internet culture has made Rhett and Link professionals at protecting themselves. Both of the guys (Rhett in particular) were incredible at dodging punches they knew would be thrown before ever publishing their podcasts.

Why did Rhett and Link believe in Christianity?

For many years Rhett and Link “had to believe” in Christianity because of their family/culture, and I really think they would have greatly benefited from asking this question much earlier on in life. They both lived in an environment that did not put up with much outside of the common Christian experience, and consequently, each of them had very little interaction with biblical grace.

How many books has Ravi Zacharias written?

Ravi Zacharias has written over forty books on the topics of faith and rational belief. Tim Keller has been a pastor in New York City for over twenty years and written nearly twenty books on the Christian faith and what it means to believe in Jesus Christ as God.

Why are footnotes wrong?

Wikipedia is infamous for footnoting nearly all of their information, but the footnotes routinely get it wrong because they require online article postings as the basis for “factual information” and those reference articles themselves are frequently guilty of publishing straight-up opinion or misinformation.