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Where is the real Bartlett ranch?

“Bartlett Ranch today is comprised of three properties located in Alabama, Texas, and Wyoming with a combined land area totaling almost 90,000 acres. The original Flying B Flying “B” Ranch was established in Pike Road, Alabama in 1954 and remains the headquarters of this tri-state operation.

Where is Bartlett’s herd?

It includes 4,000 acres at the headquarters in Pike Road, Alabama; 1,100 acres near Brock, Texas, home base to the Bartlett cutting horse operation; and the 10-mile by 40-mile range northeast of Cheyenne, Wyoming. It’s nearly impossible to get Dr. Bartlett to brag, but he is admittedly proud of his herd.

What makes Bartlett ranch the best remuda?

It’s a complementary enterprise: The cattle are the ranch’s bread and butter. The horses are the cream. After 55 years of selective breeding, Bartlett Ranch has been chosen to receive the 2016 Zoetis AQHA Best Remuda Award.

Where are the horses at Bartlett ranch near Chugwater?

At the Bartlett Ranch near Chugwater, one must go searching to find the well-bred stallions, mares and foals that have been carefully divided into small bands. They tuck themselves into arroyos and graze meadows nestled below monumental limestone bluffs.

What coats do Bartlett Ranch colts wear?

If those colts come smartly wrapped in roan, palomino, buckskin, dun, grulla or gray coats, they command even more. It’s a simple fact. And the demand for geldings dictates that this is where the Bartlett Ranch cowboys invest their energy. When the colts turn 2, their working life begins.

How much did Woody buy Jackie Bee?

In fulfillment of that bribe, Woody purchased the Jackie Bee gelding for $8,700 at the sale. It was the beginning of a friendship that ultimately evolved into a successful partnership. Bartlett Ranch is now a part of the spring and fall WYO horse sales.

What is a weanling horse?

Weanlings are halter broken and yearlings are handled just enough to be gentle. But most of a youngster’s early life is spent learning to be a horse.

How long has Flying B been selective breeding?

Fifty-five years of selective breeding have gone into the ranch horses that wear the Flying B brand.

Where do Flying B horses live?

Flying B horses flow between the three properties. Dr. Bartlett foals out approximately 80 broodmares at his Alabama ranch. When the offspring are yearlings, many of the colts will summer in Texas, and in the fall, they are sent to Wyoming. They’re turned out to acclimate and then overwinter on the High Plains.

When did Woody and Kelley meet?

They met in 1986 at Bill’s WYO Horse Sale when Woody and his late wife, Kelley, went to Wyoming to buy a horse. Kelley had seen a pretty gray gelding advertised in the Quarter Horse Journal. Woody had promised her he would buy any horse she wanted “if she would just quit hollering” after she dislocated her elbow falling from a horse during a cattle round-up. In fulfillment of that bribe, Woody purchased the Jackie Bee gelding for $8,700 at the sale. It was the beginning of a friendship that ultimately evolved into a successful partnership.

Who bred American Quarter Horses?

Woody’s interest in horse breeding also began in high school. Mentored by Pete Reynolds, who bred American Quarter Horses for more than 70 years, Woody began to appreciate the importance of pedigrees. “Mr. Pete,” shared his love of horses and introduced the young roper to a better class of animal. Encouraged by Mr. Pete, at age 17, Woody and his buddy took his mama’s old Chrysler and went on an epic road trip that included seeing Leo and Sugar Bars.