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Are the haygoods a Christian family?

The Haygoods do consider themselves a Christian Family. The Haygoods attend various churches in Branson every Sunday and play music on many of the Worship teams. The Haygoods Youtube? The Haygoods actively post videos on Youtube. You can find them right here — How long is the Haygoods show in Branson?

Are the haygoods Mormon?

No, they are not Mormon but they do have many Mormon friends in the entertainment community in Branson. The Haygoods do consider themselves a Christian Family. The Haygoods attend various churches in Branson every Sunday and play music on many of the Worship teams. Are the Haygoods Christian? The Haygoods do consider themselves a Christian Family.

Who is the haygoods’mom?

The Haygoods Mom is Marie (Dolores) Haygood. Both parents are actively involved in the show behind the scenes. Dad Haygood helps with merchandise and Mom Haygood helps backstage, with costumes and props, and on the phone in the office.

What religion are the haygoods from Branson MO?

The Haygoods consider themselves a Christian Family. The Haygoods attend various churches in Branson every Sunday and play music on many of the Worship teams. Which Haygoods are Married?

How to reserve a show at the Haygoods?

Call the box office at 417 339 4663 or reserve online right now at Don’t wait too long as every show sells out!!

How old is Catherine from Branson?

Catherine is 30 years old. She has been performing onstage in Branson since the age of 1!

How old is Timothy from Branson?

Timothy is 44 years old. He has been performing onstage in Branson since the age of 16!

How many tickets have the Haygoods sold in Branson?

The Haygoods have sold over 6,500,000 tickets in Branson from 1993 until today. They are the most successful first generation show in the entire History of Branson, MO. They came from a dirt poor background and through very hard work, persistence, belief in The American Dream, and a lot of local support they rose to the very top of the show business industry in Branson. The Haygoods support many charities and consistently donate to many worthy causes in the local area and beyond. The Haygoods also employ and support a large number of people and the huge effect of The Haygoods Show on the Branson economy as a whole cannot be understated. The Haygoods feel extremely lucky and blessed and look forward to many more years of success!

How long is the Haygoods show?

The Haygoods show is 2 hours long with a 15 minute intermission.

What kind of music does the Haygoods sing?

The Haygoods sing ALL KINDS of music from the 60’s through today. The songs are presented in very unique ways with state of the art production, special effects and over 20 different instruments.

Where do the Haygoods live?

The Haygoods live and work in Branson, MO. They all have separate homes with their own families as well as a large office complex and recording studio located in a private location just outside Branson, MO.

Why was the Haygoods cancelled?

A greatly expanded Christmas road show schedule was announced but unfortunately had to be canceled due to Covid – 19. For the first time in 30 years The Haygoods were forced to close the show for 2 1/2 months for the safety of guests in Branson during the pandemic of 2020.

How many shows did the Haygood brothers do?

The Haygoods completed over 6,000 shows during their time at Silver Dollar City. With a generous loan from Grandma and Grandpa Haygood, The Haygood brothers took a giant risk …

What is the name of the show that Barry Williams created?

In 2015, The Haygoods partnered with international star Barry Williams of The Brady Bunch fame to create a National TV show called “A Very Barry Branson.” This TV show explored Barry’s journey to Branson from Hollywood with The Haygoods assisting him in establishing his show in Branson, while also teaching him the country lifestyle along the way. This show premiered on the GAC Network in February of 2015. The success of the television show on GAC led The Haygoods to complete 72 sold out shows in Branson in 2015!

How many shows have the Haygoods sold out in one season?

In 2016, The Haygoods kicked off their 24th season in Branson and once again set the sold out record in Branson for the most sold-out shows in one season with 72 SOLD OUT SHOWS!

What did the Haygoods do at the end of season 1?

At the end of a tough first season, The Haygoods had to make the decision to push ahead despite financial hardships or to give up the music business and lead “normal” lives. The choice was clear and they set out to make their show the most exciting on the Branson Strip.

When did the Haygood brothers open their own show?

With a generous loan from Grandma and Grandpa Haygood, The Haygood brothers took a giant risk and opened their own show on the Branson Strip in 2001. The move from a theme park to town was more than a location change, the three oldest Haygoods also took creative and financial control of the show and began to make their mark on the show and music scene. The Haygoods became the youngest performing family in the history of Branson to ever open their own show on the 76 Strip.

What is the second album of The Haygoods?

The Haygoods also released a second original music album entitled “The Lucky Ones” which was downloaded over 50,000 times on the internet resulting in music videos watched by over 200,000 fans!! Also, The Haygoods began taking the show on the road performing sold out shows in Dallas Texas and St. Louis.

What Religion Are the Haygoods in Branson?

The Haygoods are Christians, and they attend church every Sunday in Branson. They frequently perform hymns during church services.

What Makes The Haygoods Show Special?

At The Haygoods Branson shows, you’ll hear modern country, rock and pop music mixed with old classics from the past five decades. Against the stunning backdrop of the Clay Cooper Theatre, you’ll witness impressive sights, including fire effects and a flying banjo player with a jetpack. The performers will play the guitar upside down as they fly through the air, and a flying robot will play the guitar, too!

Where Is the Clay Cooper Theatre in Branson?

The Clay Cooper Theatre is located at 3216 W 76 Country Boulevard, and the ZIP code is 65616. The auditorium has a balcony and floor-level seating with left, right and center sections. A VIP seating area is available, and some seats are accessible for wheelchair users.

Are Tickets Available Online and by Phone?

Yes, you can get tickets over the phone by calling 1-800-727-9062. For online purchases, remember to use the posted web code.

What is the Haygoods Christmas show?

No doubt one of the most legendary and stunning holiday shows around to date with a deep history in Branson showbiz is the one and only Haygoods Christmas Show! With fun new performances, surprises at every corner, jaw dropping effects and one talented and energetic family, the Haygoods are sure to create lasting impressions and special memories with every performance.

When will Haygoods return in 2021?

Timothy went on to say that The Haygoods show will return to continue regular show performances in early Feburary of 2021: ” We will still be adding new elements to the show just as we do every year.” Social distancing and limited capacity seating will still be put into effect next year at the Clay Cooper Theater to ensure guests are being kept safe and healthy at all times. Continue checking The Haygoods website for show schedule listings and important updates.

Is Branson a Christmas show?

With the Christmas season just around the corner, local Branson shows are transforming from regular season performances into something a bit more holly jolly. With colorful décor, stage effects & lighting, spectacular costumes and enough sing along carols to make even Ebenezer Scrooge smile, Branson Christmas shows are something truly special to behold.

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