are the members of evanescence christians

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No Evanesance is not a Christian bandnor are they proclamied Christians. But that doesnt make their music bad. I bet you are wearing clothes are driving a car made by non Christians. Blazin4Christ Glory to God,and God alone. it says in the bold part that are song needs to praise God.Now does a secular song do that?

Is Evanescence threatened by we are the fallen?

It is done. EVANESCENCE is in no way threatened or concerned by WE ARE THE FALLEN, and WE ARE THE FALLEN is in no way threatening. Having a band almost a decade later that I can make the music I love with on such a minuscule scale compared to EVANESCENCE just to be happy…is pretty goddam little to ask.

Why am I reminiscent of the guitar player in Evanescence?

I WAS the guitar player in EVANESCENCE. If I appear to be reminiscent in style, its because it’s written and performed by the very same damn people. It’s not rocket science… it’s plain and simple. Rocky, John and I playing together just doesn’t come out any other way. Accusing me of ripping off myself is just silly.

Did Evanescence miss a show?

EVANESCENCE didn’t miss a single show. There was absolutely no argument over rights and ownership. I owned 50% of the trademark and property value of the now very valuable brand of EVANESCENCE. I gave it to Amy free and clear. I asked for no buyout, no negotiations.

Did the band have Christian themes in their songs?

Similarly, the band’s lead singer, Amy Lee, denied there were spiritual elements to the band’s music. Instead, she says Evanescence’s lyrics drew from lived experience. “There are people that are hell-bent on the idea that we’re a Christian band in disguise, and that we have some secret message. We have no spiritual affiliation with this music. It’s simply about life experience.”

What song did Alan Meltzer say was a secular band?

“Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence. Meltzer released a statement saying Evanescence was a secular band.

How did Evanescence get its start?

Evanescence got its start in the Christian music market. This made sense. Their music lacked the risque or blasphemous themes found in many rock bands. However, things changed for the band. Moody swore in an interview. He also made a joke about Jesus Christ, saying “I’m like the guy who was crucified next to Jesus.

What is Evanescence music?

Evanescence are a popular gothic rock band. Their music typifies many of the rock trends of the mid-2000s. Some classify them as a Christian band.

What is the song tourniquet about?

She specifically pointed to the song “ Tourniquet .”. Lee noted the song is about suicide, something Christians traditionally believe is immoral. Around the time Evanescence released their second album, The Open Door, a journalist asked Lee about Evanescence’s identification as a Christian band.

What did Moody say about Jesus?

Moody swore in an interview. He also made a joke about Jesus Christ, saying “I’m like the guy who was crucified next to Jesus. All I want you to do is remember me.” After this, Wind-Up Records Chairman Alan Meltzer requested their music be withdrawn from Christian radio stations and stores.

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Where did the guitarist and singer meet?

The (ex-) guitarist dude and the singer met at a Christian youth camp. There’s obviously a Christian subtext in there. The lyrics will reveal that. I’d suggest some kind of disillusionment at the Church. Maybe that’s why the guitarist left…

Is Evanesance a Christian band?

No Evanesance is not a Christian band nor are they proclamied Christians. But that doesnt make their music bad. I bet you are wearing clothes are driving a car made by non Christians.

Is Tournaquet a Christian band?

From what I have heard people assumed Tournaquet was a Christian song so they got put under the Christian label, but no they are not a Christian band. I believe one of the members is though.

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Is Evanescence a secular band?

EVANESCENCE ‘s record label, Wind-Up Records, has officially recalled the group’s products from Christian stores, Christian radio, and Christian charts, citing "recent statements by band members [which] have made it abundantly clear that EVANESCENCE is a secular band."

Is Evanescence a Christian group?

Before they were signed to Wind-Up Records, EVANESCENCE had a history as an underground independent group in the Christian Music scene. But some are interpret ing the group’s latest comments as an effort to not only distance itself from Christian Music , but even Christianity itself.