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Who is the founder of Russell Stover?

1. Russell Stover’s wife, Clara Stover, is the actual founder. The company was first known as Mrs. Stover’s Bungalow Candies.. It all started and was run by Clara in her own kitchen way back in 1923 with just seven employees. Not until 1943 was the now iconic Russell Stover name used to represent the brand.

What products can I buy from Russell Stover online?

Shop Russell Stover online. Traditional Boxes of Chocolate, Candy Gifting, Gift Baskets, Sugar Free Candies, Seasonal Chocolates and more! Message Dialog Close Display Update Message Product ComparisonCLOSE The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4. Please refine your selection. OK Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity.

Is Russell Stover owned by Lindt?

Russell Stover, Whitman’s, and Lindt are all sister companies. Both Russell Stover and Whitman’s were acquired by Lindt Sprungli in 2014. So you don’t have to feel bad about switching up your sweets routine. 11. There’s an amazing chocolate loyalty program.

What is Russell Stover’s corporate responsibility?

Since being acquired by the Lindt & Sprüngli group in 2014, Russell Stover has made a company-wide effort to increase its commitment to corporate responsibility. That includes actively seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and to ensure the best possible work environment for its employees (via Russell Stover). It also includes partnering with five of the world’s most prominent chocolate and candy companies for the purpose of helping consumers to make educated choices when it comes to purchasing and consuming candy, according to a 2017 press release from the National Confectioners Association.

How did Russell Stover make money?

Although you might assume the business was the large-scale manufacturing of Eskimo Pies, that’s not actually how things got started. Rather, Stover and Nelson made money by licensing the patent to local ice cream companies to make their own Eskimo Pies, according to Smithsonian Magazine. Needless to say, Eskimo Pies were a huge hit. Unfortunately, the patent did not adequately protect the business from copycats, leading to a mess of costly lawsuits, which led Stover to sell his share of the business in 1923, at which time Russell Stover and his wife, Clara and got busy making chocolate candy.

What did Forrest Gump say about chocolate?

It’s not surprising that it was a box of Russell Stover chocolates that Forrest Gump held in his hands when he uttered the now-famous line, "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get" in the 1994 Tom Hanks classic (via Russell Stover ). The movie Forrest Gump was pure Americana, …

Where is Russell Stover candy made?

Although Russell Stover was acquired by the Swiss company, Lindt and Sprüngli, its headquarters are still in the U.S., and specifically, Kansas City, Missouri, where the company permanently relocated in 1928. And every ounce of the 90 million pounds of candy the company makes annually is made solely in the U.S. and sold solely in the U.S. and Canada. Of course, most of that you can glean from the company’s press release page. What follows is the untold truth of Russell Stover.

What percentage of people enjoy chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

According to the National Confectioner’s Association, "86 percent of Americans report that they will share a gift of chocolate and candy with family, friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day, and 87 percent enjoy Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy themselves." That’s milk-chocolate sweet on so many levels, right? But there is also a darker, largely unspoken truth about boxed chocolate candies, which is that we all have that certain someone in our life who can be counted on to ferret through the whole box in an attempt to snag the one or two pieces that happen to be "their" flavor while leaving the rest picked-over (or with actual bites in them…ahem…you know who you are).

Does Russell Stover sell sour chocolate?

In fact, Russell Stover has even sold sour chocolate, as in sour chocolate bunnies for Easter . "Russell Stover is looking to change your idea of a traditional chocolate bunny…by offering something new: a colorful, white-fudge bunny that is hiding a secret sour flavor!" reported Simplemost during the lead-up to Easter 2020. Russell Stover made the sour chocolate bunnies in Iddy Biddy Bunny size (as shown), as well as three-ounce bunnies, and one-ounce eggs. While it doesn’t seem that the company is currently offering sour chocolate candy at this time, some it is still available on Amazon, and we probably shouldn’t rule out the company coming up with newer and even weirder sour candy going forward.

Where did the chocolate tradition start?

The American chocolate tradition of making someone happy. The Russell Stover story began in 1923 in Denver , Colorado, when Russell and Clara Stover started a candy business at their home. Shortly after, they began manufacturing high quality pralines – the ideal chocolate gift for special occasions.

Who is Russell Stover?

Russell Stover: Keeping America Happy with Chocolate Tradition. Russell Stover is one of the most famous chocolate manufacturer in the US. In 2014, Lindt & Sprüngli acquired the company and strengthened its position in the North American market.

Who owns Whitman’s chocolate?

In 1993, Russell Stover acquired Whitman’s, one of the oldest chocolate brands in the US, founded in 1842. Over the years, Russell Stover became one of America’s most famous brands for chocolate and continued producing pralines and other chocolate treats, still based on the original recipes of the founders.

What was Russell Stover’s success?

Russell Stover Candies boosted its sales during the 1970s and 1980s through innovative marketing techniques. For example, the company achieved stellar gains with its heart-shaped chocolate boxes, which were especially popular during the Valentine’s Day season.

What is the difference between Russell Stover chocolate and premium chocolate?

A common distinction between premium chocolates and Russell Stover’s products is that the former usually contains no preservatives.

How much did Russell Stover make in the 1980s?

By the early 1980s, Russell Stover Candies was generating sales of about $150 million annually and profits of approximately $17 million. It was distributing its candies nationally and had assumed a dominant leadership role in the boxed chocolates market. During the 1980s Russell Stover Candies stepped up its expansion efforts, largely through product line diversification. It initiated a broad line of Easter items, for example, including Easter basket gift packs and its renowned chocolate-covered creme eggs. It also strengthened it presence in drug store and card shop distribution channels.

What is the legend of the Stovers?

Legend connotes an enthusiastic couple starting a candy company in their kitchen and building it into what would become one of the largest confectioners in the country. But the Stovers were not neophytes to the candy industry. By the time Russell and Clara Stover began experimenting with their own recipes, Russell Stover had spent several years working for other candy manufacturers and had gained a strong grip on the business side of the candy industry.

Why do Russell Stover candies roast their own nuts?

In addition, the plant began roasting its own nuts to improve quality control. "There’s much better control," explained plant manager Mike Rowlands in Candy Industry. "There’s such a fine line between that deep color and a scorch … In everything we do there are several reasons why we do it to get a better product." Russell Stover Candies also established a school to continuously educate all employees, from executives to line workers, about the importance of adhering to old, proven procedures. The school was started in 1987 following the retirement of several of its senior candy makers.

What did Russell Stover do?

Russell and Clara Stover tried their hand at raising wheat and flax for less than a year. But bad weather and a rotten crop convinced Russell Stover that his future would not be in farming. The couple moved to Winnipeg and Russell Stover accepted a job with a Minnesota candy company. He gained four years of experience with the confectioner before they had a falling out. Russell Stover had received some faulty inventory and wanted the company to replace it with high-quality goods. Headquarters refused. Frustrated, Russell Stover resigned and accepted a position with candy maker A.G. Morris in Chicago, Illinois.

How many pies were sold in Omaha in 24 hours?

In Omaha, a quarter of a million pies were sold in a single 24-hour period. As an Eskimo Pie craze swept the nation, the excited partners scrambled to keep up with the demand. Unable to serve the entire market themselves, Russell Stover opened a Chicago office and began licensing other companies to produce the treat.

How many different candies does Russell Stover make?

Many of these people come from a long line of family members who’ve done the same. And, every single day, they get to craft the 250 different candies Russell Stover produces.

What is a box of chocolates?

Getting a box of chocolates is basically a rite of passage— whether it’s a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day box from your mom or dad, an anniversary gift from your boo, Christmastime chocolates for your bestie, or a self-bought box for when you’re really feeling a chocolate binge. And there’s no name more well known for its frilly-wrapped candies …

What is the movie Forrest Gump about?

Russell Stover. 8. Forrest Gump was inspired by Russell Stover chocolates. When the protagonist in the 1994 Tom Hanks film says "My mama always said, life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get," he’s holding a box of Russell Stover Candies.

Where are Russell Stover candy made?

There are four Russell Stover factories in the U.S. They’re in Abilene, KS; Iola, KS; Coriscana, TX; and Montrose, CO. In an hour, they churn out a total of 900,000 candy pieces. That’s 18 million candies in a single day. And 90 million pounds of candy in a whole year. Russell Stover. 8.

Is Russell Stover a sister company?

Russell Stover, Whitman’s, and Lindt are all sister companies. Both Russell Stover and Whitman’s were acquired by Lindt & Sprungli in 2014. So you don’t have to feel bad about switching up your sweets routine. Russell Stover.

Does Russell Stover have a build a box program?

Russell Stover knows that there can be heated debates on the best candy in the box. That’s why the brand created the completely customizable Build a Box program, which means you can order online and fill up with just your favorites. You can also do the same thing at RS retail stores. (Coconut clusters, here I come!)

Where is the 960 Detroit Street?

It’s located at 960 Detroit Street in Denver, CO.