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Who are the judges on ‘the voice’ 2021?

Jonas debuted as a judge in season 18 of The Voice, but took a break the following season and was replaced with Gwen Stefani. The judges for the 2021 season featured Shelton, Clarkson, Legend, and Ariana Grande. ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! On May 15, 2022, The Voice took to Twitter to officially announce the newest member of its crew: Camila Cabello.

Will there be a ‘The Voice’ Season 23?

‘The Voice’ 2023 – Judges Revealed, 3 Judges Out, Two Return Two New Stars In! The next season of The Voice will have a major swivel chair shake-up! The NBC singing competition series revealed that Season 23 will debut in 2023, and will feature a very different lineup.

How many seasons of the voice have Clarkson and Jonas been?

Shelton kept his seat on the red chair since the first season of the show aired while Clarkson has been a regular on The Voice for seven seasons, and Legend has appeared on the show for five seasons so far. Jonas debuted as a judge in season 18 of The Voice, but took a break the following season and was replaced with Gwen Stefani.

How many seasons of the voice has Christina Aguilera been on?

The vocal powerhouse and successful pop singer Christina Aguilera was one of the original four judges on The Voice, appearing in six of the first 10 seasons of the show, including the first three. Aguilera’s time on The Voice started off a bit rough, only reaching the top three once in her first five appearances.

How many seasons did Levine stay on?

Levine racked up the second-highest number of seasons of any judge, staying on for the show’s first 16. What fans truly loved was his banter with Blake Shelton, a country music singer who couldn’t be more different from Levine. The fact that they came from such different worlds and ended up becoming close friends/frenemies is what initially made the show so compelling to watch, more so than even the contestants.

How many musicians are coaches on the Voice?

The Voice has seen 15 different musicians serve as coaches along with countless others as coaches advisors and mentors.

Is Legend an Emmy winner?

Legend has been a staple in the coach’s seat for the last several seasons, charming contestants with his singing, song-writing, and coaching abilities. Other coaches use every opportunity to bring up the fact that he is an EGOT winner, meaning he has earned an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award.

Did Nick Jonas have a coaching chair?

Many of the contestants swooned at the site of Nick Jonas in a coaching chair, complete with his little notebook where he jotted down details about the contestants. He filled a team easily as many contestants wanted to learn from the mega pop star who managed to become successful not only with his brothers in The Jonas Brothers but also his own solo career.

Did Ceelo win with anyone?

However, of the four seasons CeeLo appeared on, he did not manage to win with someone from his team. CeeLo was known, however, for bringing together an eclectic group of singers and challenging them to try something outside of their comfort zones.

Who is the best coach on the voice?

There’s no question that Shelton is the best coach on The Voice. Going strong as the only coach to appear on the series through its entire run, he also has more wins than any other coach to date with a total of eight (Jermaine Paul, season 2; Cassadee Pope, season 3; Danielle Bradbery, season 4; Craig Wayne Boyd, season 7; Sundance Head, season 11; Chloe Kohanski, season 13; Todd Tilghman, season 18, and Cam Anthony, season 20).

Is Pharrell a producer?

Pharrell is one of the most prolific music producers of this generation, so that alone makes his presence on the show huge. This wasn’t lost on contestants who clamored for the opportunity to work with the hitmaker.