was america founded on christianity

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America was not founded as a Christian nation; take a look at the Constitution. The more interesting question is whether America is a Christian nation. For the better part of its history, the United States and the most prominent form of Christianity in America, mainline Protestantism, were intertwined.

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  • Was America really founded as a Christian nation?

  • America wasn’t founded as a Christian nation and many of our beloved Forefathers sadly were not, yet America was largely comprised of Believers. Liberty allows us to worship freely or not at all per conscience. America was never meant to be theocratic or homogenous religiously, but Christianity has always been indelible to our social fabric.

  • Why was America founded as a Christian nation?

  • These appear to be some of the intended meanings which people seem to have in mind: America was founded on Christian doctrines, beliefs, traditions. America was intended to foster, promote, or encourage Christianity. America has a role to play in Christian eschatology. America is a nation where Christians are and should be privileged.

  • Was America founded as a Christian or a secular nation?

  • While it is true that some of the colonies were theocracies, the American nation was founded as a secular state, not a Christian state. The only reference to religion or God in the U.S. Constitution notes that political service shall not be predicated upon religion.

  • Was America founded as a Protestant nation?

  • America began as a significant Protestant majority nation. Significant minorities of Roman Catholics and Jews did not arise until the period between 1880 and 1910.