was christianity successful immediately

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  • What was the reason for the success of Christianity?

  • No one factor can be said to be the reason for Christianity’s overwhelming success. Rather, many contributing influences, such as missionary work, the appeal of the Christian doctrine, and the rule of Constantine the Great, caused Christianity to prevail though many other religions of the time have long since become obsolete. Bainton, Roland H.

  • Why was the early centers of Christianity important?

  • The early centers of Christianity were the largest cities and the most urbanized provinces on the major trade networks of the Mediterranean. Rodney Stark’s book, the Rise of Christianity, argues that one of the main reasons for the success of Early Christianity was the Christian emphasis on caring for the sick.

  • Why did many people reject Christianity in the first century?

  • Throughout the first few centuries, the persecutions of Nero, Diocletian, and others led to the martyr of many Christians. However, instead of seeing this as a reason to reject Christianity, many Christians saw honour in dying for their religion.

  • What was the success of the early church?

  • Therefore, for many Christians, the persecutions were yet another way to prove themselves worthy to their God. The definite structure of the early Church may have been one of the reasons for its success. It had a definite hierarchy – there were church elders, deacons, bishops, etc.