what are missionaries christianity

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A Christian missionary is a person who dedicates his or her life to fulfilling the Great Commission: to preach the Gospel, baptizing and making disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

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  • Who was the greatest Christian missionary?

  • St. Francis Xavier, S.J. Along with Ignatius of Loyola and a group of devout Christians, Francis Xavier founded the Society of Jesus, more popularly known as the Jesuits. Xavier led a mission into Asia, which was hailed as one of the greatest Christian missions known to man.

  • Who are famous missionaries?

  • Anglican Gladys Aylward – missionary to China and Taiwan Geoffrey Bingham – missionary in Pakistan James Blair – Scottish-born American clergyman in the Virginia Colony, founder of the College of William Mary William Duncan – worked with the Tsimshians James Hannington – saint in Anglicanism who was killed in Uganda

  • What is missional Christianity?

  • Answer: “Missional” or “missional living” is a Christian term that in essence describes a missionary lifestyle. Being missional includes embracing the posture, the thinking, behaviors, and practices of a missionary in order to reach others with the message of the gospel.

  • What is the mission of Christianity?

  • Christianity portal. A Christian mission is an organized effort to spread Christianity to new converts. Missions involve sending individuals and groups, called missionaries, across boundaries, most commonly geographical boundaries, to carry on evangelism or other activities, such as educational or hospital work.