what are some festivals associated with christianity

what are some festivals associated with christianity插图

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  • What are some festivals for Christians?

  • Christmas, Easter and Good Friday are some of the most famous festivals celebrated with pomp and gaiety. Not only the Christians, but also their friends and acquaintance from other religions soak themselves in the celebrations of the Christian festivals.

  • What are religious festivals?

  • Top 10 Religious FestivalsNavaratri. This is the final event that is among the ten popular religious festivals in the world. …Krishna Janmashtami. Primarily Hindus celebrate this event to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. …Setsubun. …Pentecost. …Ramadan and Eid-Ul-Fitr. …Diwali. …Chinese New Year. …Easter. …Hajj and Eid-Ul-Adha. …Christmas. …

  • What are Christian feast days?

  • The Epiphany is a Christian feast day, also known as the 12th day of Christmas, which falls on January 6 and marks the official end to the festive season.

  • What are the pagan holidays?

  • 8 Pagan Holidays ExplainedYule: Winter Solstice (Dec 20–23)Imbolc: The Promise of Spring (Feb. 2)Ostara: Spring Equinox (March 19–22)Beltane: Festival of Fire; Mayday (May 1)Litha: Summer Solstice (June 19–23)Lughnasadh: First Harvest (August 1)Mabon: Autumn Equinox (Sept. 21–24)Samhain: Halloween; Witches’ New Year (Oct. 31/Nov. 1)