what bible do orthodox christians use

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  • What do we believe as Orthodox Christians?

  • Orthodoxy believes that the Christian Faith and the Church are inseparable . It is impossible to know Christ, to share in the life of the Holy Trinity, or to be considered a Christian apart from the Church. It is in the Church that the Christian Faith is proclaimed and maintained. It is through the Church that an individual is nurtured in the Faith.

  • Are Orthodox Christians all the same faith?

  • All members of the Eastern Orthodox Church profess the same faith , regardless of race or nationality, jurisdiction or local custom, or century of birth. Holy tradition encompasses the understandings and means by which that unity of faith is transmitted across boundaries of time, geography, and culture.

  • What do Orthodox believe about Jesus?

  • Greek Orthodox beliefs about salvation center around Jesus Christ. They believe Jesus is the son of God, as well as God, and they accept the doctrine of the Trinity as it was expressed in the early church councils.

  • What do Orthodox Christians believe about justification?

  • Orthodox Christians can confidently state that Orthodoxy does properly regard the biblical teaching of justification as being by faith apart from the works of the Torah, though faith is rightly understood as a life lived in faithful obedience to God.