what came first mithraism and christianity

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  • Is Christianity a copy of Mithraism?

  • Christianity is a direct copy of the Mithraic religion that was 200 years its predecessor. You can look in up in the Encyclopedia of World Religions. Mithra died for the sins of humanity, had 12 apostles, a last supper and most of the other tenets that Christianity copied. Also, read Who Wrote the Bible.

  • Is Mithraism the oldest religion in the world?

  • First of the errors or misstatements about the Mithra myth is that it was the oldest of the three religions of Mithraism, Judaism, and Christianity. This claim of greater antiquity for Mithraism is false. The earliest postulated date for Mithraism, in any of its varied forms, is about 1500 B.C.E. in Persia.

  • What caused the decline of Mithraism?

  • The upstart Jewish offshoot cult, Christianity, was sweeping across the world and was directly involved in driving Mithraism into obsolescence in Rome. Christianity became dominant not just in Rome proper, but throughout and beyond Rome’s empirical borders in Europe, England, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

  • Did the Mithraic mythology spawn Jesus and Christianity?

  • False claim number two is that the Roman version of the Mithra mythology spawned a new mythology called Jesus and Christianity.