what can christians learn from other religious traditions

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  • What can Christians learn from people of other faiths?

  • There is much that can be learned from people of other faiths. From practices that Christians should adopt to reminders of how to keep a religious identity alive in a multicultural world, people of every faith have something that they can teach others. This is the beauty of living in an increasingly interfaith world.

  • What can Christians learn from Eastern religions?

  • For example, followers of several different Eastern religions are assisting Christians to be more appreciative of paradox, more accepting of multiple and even seemingly conflicting truths.

  • Why should we practice religion at home?

  • Religious rituals and traditions practiced at home can help provide an anchor for children and teens who are growing in their religious lives. Keeping faith a central part of life at home also demonstrates for Christian youth that religion should permeate every aspect of their lives. It is not something that happens for an hour or two on Sundays.

  • Why study other religions?

  • Borrowing on the writing of Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas said that God is that which nothing greater can be thought. The wisdom and tradition of other religions help expand the arena in which God lives and moves and has being.