what caused clovis to convert to christianity

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  • Why did King Clovis of Franks become a Christian?

  • The Conversion of Clovis. In the following account of Clovis’ conversion, provided by the Christian church historian Gregory of Tours (c.539-594) in his History of the Franks, the Frankish king is said to have turned Christian because he believed that the Christian God had given him a military victory over a rival German tribe, the Alemanni.

  • How did King Clovis influence the modern world?

  • The sort of example that King Clovis has set for the future generations can still be seen today, as the modern governments greatly participate in the matters of religion and practice its following (Schulman, 106).

  • How did Pope Clovis have an impact on religion?

  • In any case, Clovis could not have played such a great role in religion if it was not for the support of the Catholic Church. Since he was in a position of power, the church could give him the political authority that would be instrumental in making people believe and gaining the authority within religion itself.

  • Who was the wife of the king of Clovis?

  • Clovis took to wife Clotilde, daughter of the king of the Burgundians and a Christian. The queen unceasingly urged the king to acknowledge the true God, and forsake idols. But he could not in any wise be brought to believe until war broke out with the Alemanni. . . . The two armies were in battle and there was great slaughter.