what color represents christianity in life of pi

what color represents christianity in life of pi插图

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  • What does the color orange symbolize in life of Pi?

  • The color orange is symbolic of the hope that Pi needs to face challenges. The physical orange objects that are symbolic of hope are the lifeboat, life jacket, whistle, buoy, and tarpaulin that encourage him to survive.

  • What does Pi say about hope in life of Pi?

  • Pi observes ”his body, so immeasurably vital, stretched in the air above me, a fleeting, furred rainbow.” Hope and survival are closely linked in Life of Pi and represented by the color orange. Hope is represented by the sun, which is also orange.

  • What is the colour of balance in life of Pi?

  • Green can be the colour of balance as well. This specific colour relates to the novel Life of Pi because it is Pi’s favourite colour and also the colour of Islam. However, the island is green, and according to the survival manual, this is a colour that one must watch out for.

  • What is the significance of Pi’s nickname?

  • Piscine’s nickname is Pi and it has a symbolic relationship with the mathematical pi. Pi is sixteen when he is shipwrecked, and pi is also the sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. Not only is the mathematical pi symbolic towards Pi, but it also provided him protection from school.