what did christianity borrow from other religions

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  • How is Christianity better than other religions?

  • The Christian religion is unique in that it forces us to face the truth about ourselves and speak the truth with others. Christian religion – Jesus Christ is the Life. The Christian religion is better than other religions because life is better than death and heaven is better than hell.

  • Is Christianity just copy of other religions?

  • Christianity copied other religions . It was just another advance in human evolutionary development and now we have reached a stage in evolution where religion is no longer necessary, at least, for the most intellectual among us. But that is not the only way we can look at those facts.

  • Was Christianity borrowed from Mithraism?

  • Christianity could not have borrowed its teachings from Mithraism because Christianity antedates the Mithraic mystery religion in the Roman Empire. Second, alleged parallels between Christianity and the practices of Mithraism are greatly exaggerated.

  • What are the negative aspects of Christianity?

  • The negative effect, just as also in other religions around the world, is that religion has been abused, corrupted, perverted and radicalized by men, to inject their own political agenda.