what do birds symbolize in christianity

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Birds signify the presence of God, whether in the form of the dove that signaled the presence of the Holy Spirit at the time of Christ’s baptism, the mother eagle that cares for its young, or the sparrow that signifies God’s concern for the most insignificant living things. More Symbols of Christianity: The Face of Jesus as a symbolic construct.

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  • What do birds symbolize spiritually?

  • The esoteric theories have created a relationship between the bird, its colors and the psychic characteristics as it follows: the black crow, a symbol of intelligence, the blue and green peacock, a symbol of the loving aspirations, the white swan, a symbol of the libido that maintains the bodily life and spiritual life, the red phoenix, a symbol of divine sublimity and immortality, the dove or duck (a bird of Aphrodite), a symbol of love.

  • What is the symbolic meaning of birds?

  • Birds are generally considered a link between the earth and the heaven, and symbolic of transcendence and eternal life. With their ability to roam the earth as well as soar up into the sky, birds symbolize freedom.

  • What do birds symbolize?

  • 19 Powerful Bird Symbols Explained Eagles. Eagles represent many symbols, most recognizably are freedom and independence. … Phoenix. The phoenix, a mythical bird from ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, is a bird that represents renewed life. Raven. Ravens scavenge for their food, often from rotting, dead meat. … Owls. … Cuckoos. … Cranes. … Doves. … Storks. … Magpie. … Bluebird. … More items…

  • What do different birds represent?

  • Birds represent having the wings of possibilities, freedom of flight, precision and timing, perspective, vision and individuality. Each bird is unique and breathtaking in it’s beauty, and each bird presents us with legend and lore that can gently and mystically teach us about ourselves.