what do christians believe about evolution

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Christians Who Believe In The Science Of Evolution Bill Nye’sepic debate with Ken Ham of the Creation Museum continued the ongoing debate about the earth’s origin. While young earth creationists like Ham point to the Bible and place the earth’s age at 6,000 years old, others rely on scientific evidence that say it’s several billion years old.

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  • Can a Christian believe in evolution and still be saved?

  • A person that believes in Christ and believes in evolution can still be saved. This is good news to many Christians who do believe in evolution and in God. A person is saved by their faith in Christ and that believer can not lose their salvation or not be saved despite their belief in evolution.

  • Is evolution a biblical doctrine?

  • by Denis R Alexander. Perhaps we should start by defining the term 鈥榚volution鈥? Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859 as a theory to explain the origins of biological diversity. And at the time, that鈥檚 all it was – a biological theory that Christians were in fact quick to declare as a biblical doctrine of creation.

  • Does belief in evolution undermine the uniqueness of humankind?

  • It is up to scientists to find out how exactly God carries out His creative handiwork. Some Christians think belief in evolution undermines the uniqueness of humankind and the reality of evil and the fall. Not so. The Genesis account portrays Adam and Eve as Neolithic farmers.

  • Can evolution teach us morality?

  • Such findings are entirely consistent with the actions of a creator God who has intentions and purposes for His creation. But of course evolutionary processes are not there to teach us morality; Christians are called to behave like children of God, according to God鈥檚 moral law, as revealed in the Bible.