what do christians do on christmas

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  • What do Christians really believe about Christmas?

  • Christmas is a Christian holy day that marks the birth of Jesus, the son of God. The story of Christmas Jesus’ birth, known as the nativity, is described in the New Testament of the Bible. The Gospels of Matthew and Luke give different accounts. It is from them that the nativity story is pieced together.

  • Is it okay for Christians to celebrate Christmas?

  • The book’s author missed the point that as Christians we can celebrate Christ’s birth on December 25th and have a Christmas tree and all the festivities because we are honoring God. It’s certainly okay then to celebrate Christmas because it’s a time to remember Jesus’ birth and kingship, looking forward to the time when He will return in victory to set up His Kingdom.

  • Why do we celebrate Jesus on Christmas?

  • We celebrate Christmas because, as the angel said, “A Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.” The three titles the angel applies to Jesus are important. Jesus is the Savior who delivers us from sin and death (Matthew 1:21). He is the human Messiah (or Christ) who fulfills the Law and the Prophets,…

  • What holidays do Christians celebrate?

  • Chronologically, the first of the major holidays is Epiphany, which occurs on the sixth of January. This holiday celebrates the three Wise Men who attended the birth of Christ with gifts. The next major holiday is Ash Wednesday, which occurs 40 days before Easter, commemorating the start of Lent.