what do christians think of jesus christ superstar

what do christians think of jesus christ superstar插图

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  • Is the movie Jesus Christ Superstar biblical?

  • The rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, written by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice, and the movie of the same name, directed by Norman Jewison, may seem to be biblical on the surface, but upon closer inspection they have many theological flaws and stray from the true biblical account of who Jesus is and what He came to do.

  • Is ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ an attempt to rewrite history?

  • Jesus Christ Superstar is more than a popular opera that happens to get some facts wrong. It is an attempt to rewrite history. It makes the traitor Judas Iscariot a victim and reduces the Lord Jesus Christ to a burnt-out celebrity who is in over His head.

  • Does Jesus Christ Superstar follow the Gospels?

  • Since the Bible does not say anything about Mary loving Jesus romantically, this is conjecture on the writers’ part and is a man-made addition to what we know of Jesus’ life. In the end, Jesus Christ Superstar does not wholly follow the Gospels and makes many additions and changes to the true life of Jesus.

  • What is the theme of the opera Jesus Christ Superstar?

  • The opera鈥檚 theme deals with fame and how popularity can deceive and corrupt. Superficially at least, Jesus Christ Superstar contains many elements of the biblical narrative: Jesus has disciples, and He teaches. The priests Caiaphas and Annas, out of jealousy and fear, foment a plot to destroy Jesus.