what do christians wear

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  • What do Christians wear traditionally?

  • Some Christians belonging to religious orders, such as brothers or nuns, wore beads as a part of their special religious “habit” or garment, and of those brothers or nuns who live a contemplative life in solitude, some still wear beads , small or large attached to their belts, today.

  • What should Christians wear to worship?

  • Christian men should wear suits and ties to worship.”. And it isn’t just “suits and ties.” Brethren have all sorts of opinions on this issue. I’ve heard that men’s shirts should always have a collar. I’ve heard that men should at least wear a jacket, like a sports coat. I’ve heard that men should always wear slacks.

  • How should Christian women dress?

  • How To Dress Like A Good Christian Woman Step 1: No Cleavage! Step 2: Shoulder Straps Must Be At Least 2 Inches Wide Step 3: Leggings And Tights Are NOT Appropriate Garments Step 4: All Dresses And Skirts Must Be At Least Knee Length Step 5: The Hems Of Your Shorts Must Be At The Mid-Thigh, Or Longer

  • What is the dress code for church?

  • Dresses, skirts and blouses are appropriate church wear. Choose simple designs and light colors; avoid wearing anything gaudy. Pants and shirts, jeans and t-shirts are also acceptable. Nevertheless, the clothes should not be too tight or offensive in any way.