what happens after death in christianity

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What Happens When a Christian Dies?You have an enduring home. What exactly is this new home? …Your soul is separated from your body. Death is referred to as an enemy, the last enemy. …Your soul moves into its new home. Christian, when God takes down your tent, your soul will not be lost in space without a resting place.You’re prepared for this! …

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  • What do religions believe happens after death?

  • Some religions such as Christianity and Islam believe there is an afterlife. They believe that good and moral people enter Heaven or paradise and that bad and immoral people go to Hell. Other religions and cultures believe that death is final, and that nothing happens after a person dies.

  • What do Christians believe happens to you after death?

  • Christians believe there is an afterlife. Although the body dies and is buried or cremated, they believe that their soul lives on. The believe that God will treat people in the afterlife according to how they lived their life on earth.Some believe that heaven is a physical place, where their body goes after death.

  • Do Christians go immediately to heaven after they die?

  • And, apparently heaven is where the spirits of Christians will go immediately after their mortal bodies die. However, several biblical passages indicate that people who have trusted in Jesus Christ do not go to heaven when they die – at least, not immediately.

  • What does Christianity teach about life after death?

  • Christian beliefs about life after death are based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection are part of God’s divine plan for humankind. Through his death on the cross, Jesus pays the penalty for mankind’s sin and mankind’s relationship with God is restored. This is called atonement.