what impact did learning about classical science have on christianity

what impact did learning about classical science have on christianity插图

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  • How did the spread of classical knowledge affect the church?

  • Classical knowledge inspired people to explore reason and exchange ideas. Some attempted to merge their philosophical knowledge with Christian doctrine. While the church lost control over education, people became more aware of corruption within the church. Many felt reform was necessary and voiced their opinions in different ways.

  • What did religion have to do with the scientific revolution?

  • In short, what, if anything, does religion have to do with the Scientific Revolution? As long as science has existed, religionists have been attempting to reconcile religion and science. Recently, a new breed of scholars has asserted that religion itself—in particular Christianity—actually caused the birth of science.

  • What was the impact of Christianity on society?

  • Two-thirds of the members of the American abolition society in 1835 were Christian ministers. Gladiators. A 5 th century monk, Telemachus is credited as being the pivotal force ending the gladiator spectacles. Cannibalism. Missionary followers of Jesus are credited with stopping cannibalism in many primitive societies.

  • How did classical knowledge spread to Western Europe?

  • Those who could read and write focused on creating poetry and romance stories rather than focusing on reason and science. Classical knowledge spread throughout Western Europe after the discovery of works of the ancient Greeks and Romans. During the Crusades, there was a large amount of people traveling to the East to join the movement.