what is absolute truth in christianity

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  • Is absolute truth the same as objective truth?

  • Since an individual determines truth, truth is affected by the attitude of the one professing it. There can be no such thing as absolute truth. Absolute truth is not knowable. Absolute and objective truth cannot be known since it is built on the shifting foundation of man’s perceptions.

  • Why Christianity must be true?

  • Why Christianity MUST Be True By Jack Kinsella. Of all the various religious belief systems embraced around the world, Christianity stands apart because Christianity cannot be mythologized. Everything about Christianity is grounded in solid history. For example, Christianity could not exist apart from the Roman occupation of Judea.

  • What makes Christianity true?

  • Probe’s Patrick Zukeran offers 5 lines of evidence that Christianity is true: Christianity teaches the correct worldview, the Bible is God’s Word, Jesus confirmed His claims, Christ’s resurrection, and personal experience. Because Christianity Teaches the Correct Worldview

  • Does absolute truth exist?

  • There either is absolute truth, something that is true at all times and places, or there is not. To argue with certainty that there is no such thing as absolute truth is to make an absolute truth claim, and is thus self-refuting. Therefore, the only option remaining is that absolute truth does exist.