what is baptism in christianity

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What is Christian baptismBaptism

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  • What does Jesus say about baptism?

  • Jesus underwent John’s baptism, even though He had no sins to repent. Jesus says that His baptism is to fulfill all righteousness—that is, to make things fair. His purpose was to undergo every experience that we have, so that we cannot accuse Him of requiring us to do things that He is unwilling to do Himself.

  • Why is baptism so important for Christians?

  • Scripturally, baptism is an important indicator of a person’s (or family’s) faith in the crucified and risen Lord, and a sign of one’s membership in The Way. Far from being simply an external action done to satisfy dogmatic religious requirements, the very essence of Christian life, and faith, began with one’s baptism.

  • What are Catholic beliefs on baptism?

  • Roman Catholics believe that they have been commanded to participate in baptism as a demonstration and commitment to the Christian faith. They also believe that this baptism is essential to being saved from sin. Most Roman Catholics like to baptize their babies in the first few months after they are born, but adults also may be baptized.

  • How important is baptism to Christians?

  • The Meaning and Significance of Baptism Baptism is a very important part of the Christian faith, in the Roman Catholic Church it is the initial sacrament of initiation, the other two being Holy Communion and Confirmation. It is the start of the religious journey through Christianity.